Location & Transport


St Aidan’s is in Corinda, a quiet residential area in Brisbane’s western suburbs. We are adjacent to Corinda Railway Station, giving direct access to the CBD. A public and private transport network, including bus and train, provides convenient access to our school.


The school is situated only one minute walk from the Corinda Railway Station. The train provides access to the City and the western suburbs, with links to the total Brisbane transport network.


The School operates three bus runs, through Belbaker Bus Charters exclusively for St Aidan’s students and staff. The service is operated morning and afternoon (school days only).


To receive important updates about the buses, please ensure you have downloaded the St Aidan's App and joined the 'Buses' group. 

Cost of service

The service costs $4.70 each way (for all bus routes).

Bus ticket pricing is subject to an annual price increase. 

Bus payment options

Student ID card: Students can use their student ID card to pay for their daily trips. All buses are fitted with a Samsung phone which will scan your child's student ID card and this will charge your Flexischools account for an individual bus trip. Importantly, the student ID card must be linked to your Flexischools account and funds must be available. To set up your account, please visit www.flexischools.com.au or call Flexischools on 1300 361 769 for assistance.  

10 trip ticket: One or multiple 10 trip tickets can be purchased through Flexischools (www.flexischools.com.au) or directly from the Finance Office. Your daughter will need to collect her pass from the Finance Office within 48 hours of purchase.

Bus routes & timetable

The most up to date routes and times will be published on this page. 

The bus will not leave the bus stop before the time listed on the published timetable below.

Route 1 Moggill

Route 2 Bardon

  • Kindergarten - Unfortunately the bus service is not available to students enrolled in Kindergarten.

  • Prep to Year 4 – The bus service is available to students enrolled in Prep to Year 4 providing parents agree and adhere to the additional drop off and pick up conditions for younger students as outlined in the School Bus Policy below.

  • Year 5 to Year 12 - Students are able to use the St Aidan’s bus.


The safety of students travelling on school buses is paramount. It is the right of all school bus travellers to have the safest possible service provided. The driver will treat all students respectfully and in turn will be treated respectfully by all students.

It is the responsibility of all bus users to ensure that the driver is able to perform his/her duties free from distraction and worry about the conduct of passengers.

To utilise the bus service Parents must register and agree to the following travel conditions via Parent Lounge at the start of each school term:

Responsibility: All Students/Parents

  • Students must remain seated at all times during transit and wear their seat belts.

  • Talk quietly and avoid noise which may distract the driver.

  • Listen to the driver and follow his/her instructions.

  • Food, drinks or chewing gum are not to be consumed at any time on the bus.

  • Respect other people’s property and the bus.

  • Behave in a courteous manner to others on the bus.

  • Keep the bus clean.

  • Footwear and clothing is to be clean and tidy before boarding the bus. Uniform standards are enforceable during bus travel.

  • School bags are to be stowed under the seat or in appropriate luggage areas. Aisles must remain free at all times.

  • Students using the School Bus Service are bound by the School rules and regulations.

Responsibility: Bus Driver

  • Driving in a safe manner.

  • Being aware of the students on the bus and their needs.

  • Taking note of any student’s concerns and inform the School.

  • Promptly notifying the school of any negative behaviour or incidences that occur on the bus.

  • Using “child” appropriate language when dealing with students.

  • Holding the necessary licence including, but not limited to, Blue Card, Driver Authorisation, relevant Driver’s Licence and qualifications.

  • Adhere to scheduled pick up and drop off times.

Responsibility: Bus Operator

  • Maintaining buses in a clean and safe operation.

  • Strict guidelines have to be followed for service and inspection of school buses.

  • Adhere to scheduled pick up and drop off times.

Additional Conditions:Students in Prep to Year 4

  • Parent/guardian will be at the bus stop to drop off and pick up their child prior to the scheduled time.

  • Parent/guardian will assist child onto and off the bus.

  • If a parent/guardian is not at the bus stop when the bus arrives, the driver will not allow the student to disembark from the bus. The student will be returned to the School and the parents will be contacted to collect their child from the Outside School Hours Care room. This will incur a cost of $100 to return the child to the School.

  • In addition, Outside School Hours fees will be incurred. This will be charged to the student’s account.

  • If a sibling over the age of 10 is accompanying the child in Prep to Year 4, this is sufficient.