School Captain's Welcome


School Captain's Welcome

As School Captains of 2017, we would like to warmly welcome you to our school website! This website is an advantageous tool to discover the wealth of opportunities that St Aidan’s has to offer, and it captures the caring environment of our St Aidan’s community.

We have both attended St Aidan’s for over four years, and in those four years we have truly thrived, flourished and grown as passionate ambassadors of the school. This is solemnly due to the nurturing guidance of the St Aidan’s staff community, the inspiring friendships forged and the abundance of extra- curricular activities offered. This website aims to provide essential and focal information regarding certain aspects of our school, however, there are some features that certainly cannot be experienced or appreciated unless you are a member of the St Aidan’s community.

Being compassionate leaders of the school, we have recognised the integrity, ambition and authenticity that our girls possess. Our school provides vast opportunities for girls of different interests, enabling them to thrive in their desired fields. At St Aidan’s, there are a myriad of teams and clubs available for those pursuing their academic endeavours, and 15 sports available for those thriving to become part of a team and develop their physical and mental capabilities. With over 39 student groups and committees to select from, and over 11 schools participating in St Aidan’s global exchange programs, students are continually challenged and encouraged. That is why St Aidan’s is the place to be.

Our rich history of 88 years, showcases the passionate learning environment that embodies the school, guided by the Sisters’ values and their philosophy. This ethos encourages each student at St Aidan’s to strive to achieve their best every day. Due to this, the girls of St Aidan’s thrive and are successful in all walks of life: on the sporting field, in the classroom and on overseas expeditions. In each of their successes our girls are resilient and proudly represent the school. Although the fear of failure or disappointment is hard to overcome, St Aidan’s girls are provided with a strong, supportive network of both teachers and pupils. Similarly, we pride ourselves on having the characteristics of a sisterhood – unity, purpose and cause – developed through our buddy system and friendships made through extra-curricular activities.

We hope that all past and present students remember they were ‘Born to Fly Upwards’.

2017 SCs

Annalise White (School Captain 2017) & Rimaz Toto (Vice Captain 2017)