School Captain's Welcome


School Captain's Welcome

As the St Aidan’s School and Vice Captain of 2019, we would like to welcome you to our school website. This website provides a platform that enables the St Aidan’s community to share and access the multitude of opportunities on offer at our school, as well as connecting it to the wider community. This year, as we celebrate the 90th anniversary of St Aidan’s, we believed that it was only fit to introduce a school theme that encapsulated the extraordinary nature of our school community. Thus, we have created the theme:

Aidan’s Amplify – turn up the spirit!

This theme aims to exemplify the energy and unity that are present within our school and wider community. Not only does it pay homage to the current nature of our school community, it also encourages the girls to strive for more; whether that be to attend more events, participate in more extra-curricular activities or being a more active member of the community. The particular focus of this theme was the idea of unity, as at St Aidan’s, we have the advantage of being a smaller school, thus making the connections between all members of our community that much closer and stronger. This year, we are encouraging girls to embrace these connections and unite, so that our school can grow and prosper throughout 2019. In St Aidan’s 90th year, we believe that it is only apt that we amplify what it truly means to be a member of our incredible school community and celebrate the privilege that we have of being a part of it.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a caring, creative, confident, connected and authentic community and for the honour of leading it this year.

Warmest welcomes and best wishes for the year,

Sarah Hodge (School Captain 2019) & Lily Hannaford (Vice Captain 2019)