School Captain's Welcome


School Captain's Welcome

As School Captains of 2018, we would like to warmly welcome you to our school website! This website is an advantageous tool to discover the wealth of opportunities that St Aidan’s has to offer, and it captures the caring environment of our St Aidan’s community. We believe that there are many reasons why the St Aidan’s community is unique, and for our theme this year, we have attempted to encapsulate this in one word:



To establish or identify as a valued and spirited member of the St Aidans’ community. 

This word has the power to take complete strangers and unify them under the one common St Aidan’s spirit. This year we are encouraging students to fully embody what it means to be a St Aidan’s girl, and in the process, identify as a proud member of our community. This is particularly focused on the aspects of feeling valued (because every girl at St Aidans is), and having spirit. The St Aidan’s girls have a plethora of activities available to them and we believe that it is important for each and every girl to embrace and take advantage of these amazing opportunities. When we ‘Aidantify’ as a community we know we can achieve great things!

We feel so lucky to be a part of this community, and to have the honour of leading this year.

Warmest welcomes,

Georgia Douglas (School Captain 2018) & Lilly Van Gilst (Vice Captain 2018)