interstate reunions

nterstate reunions coming up soon!
21 APRIL 2023 - SYDNEY
22 APRIL 2023 - Canberra
23 APRIL 2023 - Melbourne


Our Role

The St Aidan’s Alumni Office aims to create a living bridge between our past students and families with the current school community. These links are fundamental to the School, allowing current families to be enriched by our history.

The word 'alumni' comes from the Latin word 'alere', meaning to nourish intellectually by its institution. St Aidan's alumni program aims to offer all past students the opportunity to express pride and esteem in their school, and to celebrate with each other individual and school achievements.

Our Alumni Office is a source of school history providing information through a continually updated database.  By working closely with the Foundation Board and Marketing Department we enhance exposure of St Aidan’s to the wider community. We create the Alumni pages of The Huddle a publication prepared bi-annually and sent to all past students. We love hearing news from Old Girls that can be shared in the Huddle, if you have something you would like us to include, please email: 

By facilitating reunions we ensure past students are kept in touch with each other and St Aidan’s future direction. Every year the Alumni office organises the twenty, forty  and sixty year reunions. These events are held at St Aidan's. Each ten year group is are contacted and encouraged to reunite and share school memories. The Alumni Office facilitates mentoring between past and current students. Past students are invited to the School to give talks and share their expertise.

Little Piece of History

The following quote was from Mrs Hartland (Headmistress from 1929 to 1947) during the school’s Silver Jubilee in 1954:

“The greatest joys in life come to those who build with vision, who with stars in their eyes on a worthwhile goal, creep step by step nearer their heart’s desire.  What vision we had!  What plans for future expansion and beauty!  The growing up was slow work, but it carried so much happiness, so much comradeship and so very much fun. Though there have been many changes through the years, it is a joy to know that there has been no change in the human side – our girls today have the same keen outlook, the same love of their School, and the same spirit of sacrifice if needed.  Our School parents are as hard-working, as free-giving, and as proud of the School as of old.  This community spirit, this happy and understanding relationship between school and home has made St Aidan’s a school of worth and distinction.”

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