Ambiwerra MID


Ambiwerra Ministerial Infrastructure Designation 

Plans to improve facilities at Ambiwerra—Proposed Ministerial designation of premises for development of infrastructure under the Planning Act 2016

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls' School has requested that the Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning designate our sports and recreational facilities located at Ambiwerra as:

  • educational facilities

  • facilities at which an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) is operated

  • sporting facilities.

This Proposed Infrastructure Designation has been requested in accordance with Chapter 2, Part 5 of the Planning Act 2016. This Designation applies to the land owned by The Society of the Sacred Advent Schools Pty Ltd (the owner of the assets and school operations). This designation would acknowledge and reflect what we use this land for today. 

The land can be seen in the following aerial photograph.

Figure 1 Aerial image of the subject land

Figure 1: Aerial image of the subject land. Source: Nearmap, 2019.

Ambiwerra Masterplan

Identified improvements to existing facilities at Ambiwerra are outlined in a masterplan. These improvements include the development of indoor/covered sports courts and swimming facilities.

The proposed masterplan for Ambiwerra will not alter the existing nature of the school’s operation. School staff numbers and student population are not expected to increase as a result of the proposed improvements. The community will still be able to access the site, and we expect they will be able to use some of the facilities.

The proposed masterplan includes multiple stages. Click here to download the full plans (PDF 30.7MB).

Stage 1 included the relocation of Fancutt’s House, which has been relocated onto our grounds. This relocation has been approved by Brisbane City Council, and is not included as part of the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation. 

Stage 2A, located within the central portion of the subject land, includes:

  • indoor/covered sports courts (including netball, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts)

  • storerooms

  • flexible learning area

  • office spaces

  • outdoor plaza area including hard and soft landscaping (e.g. paving and gardens)

  • PWD amenities. 

Stage 2B, includes:

  • community café

  • tennis courts

  • relocated dam.

Stage 3, located to the east of stage 2A, includes: 

  • Olympic sized swimming pool

  • amenities, office space and first aid room

  • ‘Learn to swim’ pool

  • hardstand and landscaped areas (e.g. paving and gardens).

Stage 4, includes:

  • expanded carpark

  • arbour

  • tennis club with grandstand and function space.

Stage 5 of the masterplan identifies further educational facilities and a possible pedestrian bridge across Oxley Creek. These are long term plans and do not form part of the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation request.

Figure 2 shows the proposed masterplan stages:


Figure 2: Proposed Masterplan stages

Draft MID Proposal

Click here to download MID Draft Proposal (PDF 26MB) 

Click here to download Ambiwerra Masterplan (PDF 30.7MB)

Technical Summaries 

Environmental Information Sheet (PDF 375.2KB)

Flood Information Sheet (PDF 664.7KB)

Noise Information Sheet (PDF 735KB)

Traffic Information Sheet (PDF 141.3KB)

Full Technical Reports

Ecological Assesment  (PDF 6.7MB)

Flood Impact Assesment (PDF 85.5MB)

Flood Risk Assessment and Emergency Evacuation Procedure (PDF 1.8MB)

Noise Assesment (PDF 1.7MB)

Traffic Impact Assesment (PDF 763.1KB)

Stormwater Quality Management Plan (PDF 9.2MB)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a fact sheet that answers the questions raised during our community consultation in October. Click here to read. (PDF 376.4KB)

LAtest Newsletter

Ambiwerra Newsletter #5 - Notification of Commencement of Formal Consultation  (PDF 520KB)

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