Ministerial Infrastructure Designation


Proposed Ministerial Infrastructure Designation

As part of our ongoing master planning, we have identified opportunities to refurbish parts of the school to provide additional student and staff facilities. The proposed Ministerial Infrastructure Designation process and associated minor refurbishment works will help us to provide additional educational facilities for students and staff. The process includes designating two adjacent lots, which are houses, as educational facilities. One of these lots is the character house on the corner of Watt and Ruthven streets, which is owned by the school. We intend to retain and preserve this character house, and undertake minor internal refurbishment and beautification works to accommodate administration offices. The other lot is the house located at 39 Ruthven Street, which is also owned by the school. This house will accommodate offices for the school Chaplain and Counsellor.

Why is the MID a priority for the school?

The Ministerial Infrastructure Designation will identify school premises at Corinda as being available for education facilities and facilities at which an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) is operated. This designation would acknowledge and reflect what we use this land for today. The refurbishment works associated with the designation process will not alter the existing nature of the campus operation. There is also no anticipated increase in student and staff numbers as a result of the proposed facility improvements.

The following aerial photo shows our premises in Corinda.

Corinda Premises

What is the community engagement about?

Previous engagement

In October 2019 we invited the local community to meet with us and provide feedback on the proposed refurbishment works and Infrastructure Designation process. During this engagement process four local community members discussed the project with us to learn more about the infrastructure designation process and associated approvals processes for potential future development. The feedback received through this initial engagement process has been incorporated as part of the draft Environmental Assessment Report (EAR). This document contains details about the proposal and information about the potential impacts of the proposal.

This document is available on the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning website at: It is also available by clicking here. (PDF 14.6MB) 

Formal Consultation

We are currently in the formal Infrastructure Designation community consultation period. This consultation period will end on 18 February 2020.

During this period we are:

  • advertising in the Westside News

  • dropping a flyer in the letterboxes of our neighbours

  • sending a letter to our nearest neighbours

  • providing information on our website

  • holding a drop-in session at the school for interested neighbours on 1 February 2020 between 8.30am and 11.30am.