Ministerial Infrastructure Designation


Plans to improve facilities at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls' School

For over 90 years, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls' School has provided education for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. Founded by the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent in February 1929, we have a long and rich history in the local area. 

Today, we have 850 students and 121 full time equivalent staff members. These numbers reflect our desire to provide a smaller school experience for students and families.

Improving our services and facilities

We aim to provide an excellent educational experience for our students and families. To help us achieve this, we work continuously to improve our learning environment and facilities for students.

As part of this ongoing master planning, we have identified opportunities to refurbish parts of our school to provide improved student and staff facilities. This includes using two adjacent lots, which are currently used as dwellings, for administrative services, and staff and student well-being.

The proposed uses will not alter the existing nature of the school’s operation.

One of these lots is the character house on the corner of Watt and Ruthven streets, which is owned by the school. We intend to retain and preserve this character house, and undertake minor internal refurbishment and beautification works to accommodate administration offices.

The other lot is the house located at 39 Ruthven Street, which is also owned by the school. This house will accommodate offices for the school Chaplain and Counsellor.


Proposed Ministerial Infrastructure Designation

We have requested that the Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning designate our premises at Kathleen Street and Ruthven Street, Corinda, Queensland as:

  • educational facilities

  • facilities at which an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) is operated.

    This proposed Ministerial Infrastructure Designation applies to the land owned by The Society of the Sacred Advent Schools Pty Ltd (the owner of the assets and school operations).

The Infrastructure Designation will identify our premises at Corinda, as being available for education facilities and facilities at which an education and care service under the Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland) is operated. This designation would acknowledge and reflect what we use this land for today.

Finding out more about the Infrastructure Designation

We know that some of our neighbours will have questions about the Ministerial Designation process and our refurbishment plans. We would like to answer these questions.

We invite you to find out more about the infrastructure designation process and the draft Environmental Assessment Report by clicking here. (PDF 17.1MB)

Here, you will also find information about how to provide feedback to us about the proposed infrastructure designation. Please note, that we would like to receive any feedback before 5pm on 20 September 2019.

If you are interested in discussing the infrastructure designation with a school representative and members of our study team, you can contact the school on 3373 5999 to make an appointment.