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St Aidan’s welcomes the enrolment of students from across the globe. Students can enrol for one semester, one year or more. 

Download our International Prospectus for further details on enrolment.

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School will consider enrolment applications from students wishing to apply for a Student Visa, subject to compliance with conditions set out by the School, and with legislative requirements of the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Recruitment of students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of the National Code.

international Fees 

2023 International Fee Schedule

Steps for Enrolment

Step 1: The student submits the following documents to the school:

  • Completed International Student Application for Admission (click 'Apply Now' below)

  • Certified translated copies of the students’ academic record for the past two (2) years

  • Copy of the student’s passport Application for Course Credit (if required)  

  • An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above have been submitted to the school.

Applications from international students are processed according to established policy and procedures, and are dealt with on their merits.

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Step 2: The student provides acceptable evidence of English Language Proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL) or the school arranges for the student to sit an English Proficiency Test administered through a nominated and CRICOS registered English Language College.

Step 3: The student is interviewed via video link by school staff. The purpose of this interview is to converse with the student in English, discuss the school and student expectations, discuss Homestay, refer the student to relevant policies and address any questions the student may have.

Step 4: The school will notify the student if they can be accepted for Direct Entry or will be required to undertake an ELICOS Course prior to beginning mainstream studies.

Step 5: The school issues a Letter of Offer of Enrolment to the student. The parent signs and returns the Enrolment Acceptance/Written Agreement and pays the invoiced amount to the school (usually the Enrolment Confirmation Fee, Enrolment Tuition Fee Deposit and OSHC).

Step 6: On receipt of payment and return of signed Enrolment Acceptance/Written Agreement, the school will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) via PRISMS for the period the student is to be enrolled at St Aidan’s.

Step 7: Student pursues Visa application and notifies the school when it is received.

Step 8: If applicable, student submits Homestay Application Form and is matched with an appropriate family. The first semester Homestay charge is invoiced to parents and is payable 4 weeks prior to the student entering St Aidan’s Homestay.

Step 9: If the student is undertaking an ELICOS course at an English Language College prior to commencing at St Aidan’s, an interview will be arranged with the Dean of Studies or Dean of Students and Academic Welfare (7-9) at a point more than half way through this course. The student must attend this interview. The purpose of this interview is to discuss subject selection and confirm the student’s entry grade and start date based on ELICOS course progress.

Step 10: Arrangements are made for student arrival and commencement, such as airport pick-up or Homestay transfer, uniform fittings, etc.

Step 11: Student arrives and commences study at St Aidan’s.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Preparing to travel to Australia from overseas

Overseas Student Health Cover

For Overseas Student Health Cover queries, you can contact Allianz Assistance Health to seek further advice, please refer to their website: 

As part of the enrolment process you may opt for St Aidan’s to apply for Overseas Student Health Cover on your behalf.


All enquiries regarding International Students can be directed to:

Michelle Lane - Head of Admissions