Kathryn McMillan

Barrister Kathryn McMillan's high schooling at St Aidan's saw the development of lifelong passions beyond her chosen career. 

Kathryn says her then German teacher, Frau Prior, instilled a love of German literature and music, while the interest in law came later. Headmistress Sister Julian also left a lasting impression. 

"Sister Julian was extraordinary. She knew my name within two weeks of Year 8 starting and was a model of compassion, kindness and selflessness."

The daughter of a solicitor, Kathryn says her father was always keen for his daughter to study law but it was science that initially attracted her as a career prospect. 

"My father prevailed by I did manage to study Arts as well, including German. I did hope to work in publishing, however, given market forces (the need to obtain a job), law became a career. I started practice at the Bar [some 35 years] ago and thought I would see how things panned out." 

Things certainly have panned out with Kathryn graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts in 1984 and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in 1986, going on to complete her Master of Laws, specialising in BioEthics, at the Queensland University of Technology and graduating in 2003. 

Kathryn has practiced in the areas of administrative law, family law, civil/human rights and discrimination and child protection law. She accepts pro bono briefs regularly and is a member of several boards in the areas of ehtics and human rights. Kathryn has also maintained practice in Coronial Inquests, appearing as Counsel Assisting to the Coroner for many hospitals.

Kathryn a mother of two, has had a daughter also attend and graduate from the School. Kathryn fondly looks back at her schooling and all the memories she has made.