2016 OP Results


St Aidan's 2016 Seniors Achieve Record Breaking OP Results

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School students have received the strongest academic results in the school’s 87 year history with the release of this year’s Overall Positions for the 2016 senior cohort. This year’s results saw:

  • 11.63% achieving an OP 1

  • 50% achieving an OP between 1 and 5; and

  • 97.67% achieving an OP between 1 and 15.

These excellent outcomes can be attributed to the individual attention each student receives from her teachers and the focus on academic nurturing. Our 2016 Year 12 students are to be congratulated on their outstanding and consistent academic achievement.

The OP results show St Aidan’s continues to be one of the top performing independent schools in Queensland with half of the cohort achieving an OP 1-5 and over 60% achieving an OP 1-6.

St Aidan’s Overall Position Results (2016)*

OP 1                11.63%

OP 1 – 2          16.28%

OP 1 – 3          27.91%

OP 1 – 5          50%

OP 1 – 10        80.23%

OP 1 – 15        97.67%

These results reflect the hard work and diligence of the 2016 cohort and the quality and professionalism of the teaching staff and overall educational experience offered at our School.

While we recognise our students who achieved such strong OP scores; it is important to note these scores are only one indicator of dedication, hard work and excellence. 100% of the cohort graduated with a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

*Results include visa students. 

Queensland Core Skills Test Results (2016)

St Aidan's 2016 graduates have also achieved outstanding results in this year's Queensland Core Skills Test with 78.9% achieving an A or B on the test.

            St Aidan's (State)

A            43.7%      (18.64%)

B            35.2%      (28.88%)

C            18.3%      (34.72%)

D            2.8%        (17.77%)

E            0.0%        (0.02%)

Being an intentionally smaller school allows our professional teaching staff to focus on the academic welfare of each girl while still offering a diverse and enriching curriculum.