Meet our Alumni: Aimee Hanson


Aimee Hanson (2010)

Upon graduating from St Aidan’s in 2010, Aimee completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Genetics at The University of Queensland (UQ) before transitioning to postgraduate research in human disease genetics in 2015. She has recently been awarded a PhD in the fields of Genetics and Immunology following the completion of a four-year intensive research project at UQ’s Diamantia Institute. Her thesis focused on the genetic drivers of an early-onset arthritis in which inflammation around the joints of the pelvis and spine can lead to severe bone disease and complete fusion of the vertebrae. Aimee has now accepted a postdoctoral research position with The University of Cambridge in England where she will be working with world experts to decipher the role of genetics and the immune system in a range of autoimmune diseases.

I will always be thankful for the opportunity I was given to complete my secondary education at St Aidan’s. In such a supportive learning environment, and in the company of so many bright and inquisitive minds, I developed a love of learning that now forms the foundation of my chosen career.”

P1120200   Aimee Hanson (2010)