QGSSSA Athletics Results


2016 QGSSSA Athletics Highlights

  • 3rd place Overall in the Stephens Cup Aggregate (Equal highest finish – 2014)

  • 2016 Del Mellafont Percentage Cup Champions – 3rd consecutive victory

  • 17 Years Age Championship including 10 individual victories

  • 17 Years 4 x 100m A Relay QGSSSA Record and the fastest ever Relay time recorded in QG History

  • 44 Top 3 Finishes including a school record 17 1st, 14 2nd and 13 3rd vs. 45 Top 3 Finishes in 2015 (13 1st, 20 2nd & 12 3rd)

  • Reduced margin behind overall winner from 205 points in 2015 to 172.5 points in 2016

  • A very slight increase in overall percentage scoring 153.73% in 2015 to 154.31% in 2016

  • 73 of our 124 performances of the day were placed in the Top 5

  • Our top 10 point scorers for the day were lead by Katie Colebourne with a perfect score of 30 individual points and 12 from the relay

  • 200m/800m/High Jump all equal highest ranked event for STA in 2nd position overall

Sprints (100m/200m/Hurdles) 
  • Held our 4th Overall position in Sprints despite a slight drop in the 100m rankings.  This was countered by STA being ranked 2nd overall in the 200m events and 3rd in the Hurdles.

  • Significant to note the performance of our hurdlers scoring 35 points ranking 3rd and only 3 points behind MBC in 1st.  In 2014 we scored 17 points in Hurdles followed by 27 in 2016.  Amazing improvement!

  • STA 7 x Individual 100m Victories the highest amount from any school (The next best being 4 victories – MBC, BSHS, SOMH)

  • 17 Years CLEAN SWEEP – 17 A-B-C-D 100m Victories!!

Middle/Long Distance (400m/800m/1500m/3000m) 
  • The No. 2 ranked school in the Middle/Long Distance category rising from 4th position in 2015

  • 12 x Top 3 finishes across this event group (2nd most of any school)

  • Our 800m athletes knocked it out of the park improving to 87 points from 75 points in 2015 which moved them from 5th in 2015 to 2nd in 2016. 

  • The 800m event group was tied with the 200m and High Jump as our highest ranked event (2nd) 

Jumps (Long Jump/High Jump/Triple Jump) 
  • A day of ups and downs in the Jumps department with a our Long Jump struggling, dropping from 2nd in 2015 to 6th in 2016 and Triple Jump holding onto a 3rd position after a Number 1 ranking last year

  • High Jump however was one of the highlights of the day with a 2nd overall ranking scoring 42 points with only 5 scoring age groups

  • 4 x Top 3 finishes in High Jump including a victory in the 13 years

  • Despite the HJ success we slid from the 2nd ranked Jumps school in 2015 to 6th in 2016 

Throws (Shot Put/Discus/Javelin) 
  • Holding strong with another 6th place finish in Throws with Shot Put leading the way in 5th, Discus in 6th and Javelin in 7th

  • Scored 7 more points in throws in 2016 vs. 2015 (182 – 175)

  • Almost 50% (16/34) of our throwers finished in the Top 5 in their events

  • Scored more points in Discus and Shot Put in 2016 vs. 2015 however saw a slight dip in production in our Javelin.

  • Improved from the 4th ranked relay school in 2015 to 3rd in 2016 with a slight bump from 82 points to 84 points

  • 1 of only 3 schools to not have any disqualifications across all relay races (MBC & SPLC the only others)

  • 16 A, 17 A & 17 B all recorded victories in the 4 x 100m relay events

  • 17 A 4 x 100m Relay team the fastest ever in QGSSSA history

  • Despite being ranked only 5th in the 100m category we showed our depth and commitment to relays by placing 3rd in the relay event group.

Age Group Highlights 
  • 12 Years – 6th 74 points

  • 13 Years – 6th 119 points

  • 14 Years – T-6th 117 points

  • 15 Years – 3rd 151 points

  • 16 Years – 4th 134 points

  • 17 Years – 1st 175 points

17 Years
  • 2016 QGSSSA 17yrs Age Champions and led the school to a 3rd place Overall finish and a 3rd consecutive Percentage Cup title

  • 10 Individual Victories including a clean sweep of the 100m events and both Relays:

100m A - Sachini Godamunne

100m B - Maddy Attlee

100m C - Khameela Noendeng

100m D - Katie Colebourne

200m - Sachini Godamunne

400m - Maddy Attlee

Long Jump A - Katie Colebourne

Triple Jump - Katie Colebourne

17 Years 4 x 100m A & 4 x 100m B

17 years 4 x 100m A QG Record 48.81 also the fastest relay ever run in QG history.

Hard work continues to pay off! Continuing in the trend from 2015 our 15 Years age group again finished 3rd in their division, in 2014 they scored 99.5 points placing 8th overall, whilst in 2015 the improved to 127 points and 3rd place and then the rise continued with a 151 point performance to claim 3rd once again.