Clubs and Activities

St Aidan's offers a multitude of extra curricular activities throughout the Junior School and Senior School, you can view all by clicking here. (PDF 2.5MB)

Art Club

Art Club is for students who love being creative and want to develop their art-making skills. Those involved explore a combination of artistic techniques which may include painting, drawing, sculpture, printing, sewing or ceramics. Each term, the activities are new and varied giving the students a wide range of creative experiences. Classes are held after school from 3.20 – 4.30pm with the Junior School Art teacher. Days may vary depending on other activities. Students from Prep – Year 6 are invited to participate.

Chess Club

Chess Club operates in the Junior School as a lunchtime activity. Whether students are beginners or experienced players, the opportunity to learn and share skills is encouraged. Intra-school competitions are also offered during the year.

Coding & Robotics Club

Coding and Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to have fun and learn computer programming. Coding strengthens problem solving, planning and designing, collaboration and computational thinking. It also encourages students to be not only consumers of technology but also creators. Many of the coding apps and websites available online, including Kodable, Daisy the Dinosaur, Tynker, ALEX, Hopscotch, Scratch Jr and Scratch are used during this lunchtime activity. The students challenge themselves to progress through levels and to complete projects, developing skills to design and create their own games and animation.

Environmental Club (Earth Angels)

Environmental Club is a student-led club for students in the Junior School who are passionate about sustainability and environmental issues. This group meets during lunchtimes to work on action-orientated campaigns. The girls work as a team to explore issues they are concerned about and they run awareness and lifestyle changing activities in the Junior School, often working alongside the Senior School Global Shield girls. This club offers the chance to learn about teamwork and to understand how our actions impact on the Earth. Environmental Club girls are responsible for the Junior School care and maintenance of the Junior School worm farm, vegetable and herb garden.

Girl Zone Book Club

This club for Year 6 girls and their mothers (significant females in their lives) is held twice a term for a night of book talking. The Junior School Teacher Librarian promotes four to six books at each meeting with members voting on one for the group to read. Meetings are conducted in much the same way as an adult book club with guided discussion and lots of literary chat. Emails are regularly sent by the Teacher Librarians suggesting other books for reading and literary events around Brisbane such as book launches which may be of interest to St Aidan’s families.

Penguin Aid

Penguin Aid is a Year 6 community service group. Each term, the girls choose a specific cause to support and then decide upon suitable fundraising activities to raise money for that particular charity. Girls are encouraged to take initiative in these activities, allowing further development of leadership, planning, organisational and marketing skills. The students aim to educate their peers about each charity by speaking on assembly and providing information in the school newsletter. Fundraising activities are enjoyable and rewarding for all girls involved. Penguin Aid connects the Year 6 students to issues in the community and around the world. The students demonstrate empathy for others and display a genuine desire to help those that are less fortunate.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is open to all Year 6 students as a lunchtime activity and provides an opportunity for participation in thoughtful activities that evoke the wondrous world of philosophical ideas.  Philosophical enquiry develops speaking and listening skills vital for literacy and emotional development, and encourages critical and creative thinking essential in the 21st Century. Students explore a series of thought-provoking questions each session. The questions are always open-ended, making way for students to discover, debate and articulate their own true beliefs.

STEMies Club

The after school STEMies Club promotes the subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate the ‘4C’ skills of the future - Creating, Communicating, Collaborating and Critical Thinking using technology with art to design and make projects, integrating the four disciplines in fun ways to address real-world issues through hands-on