Leadership in the junior school

Opportunities for leadership are available to all Year 6 girls. St Aidan’s believes in the leadership potential of all students and the Junior School has a distributed leadership model in which all girls are given the opportunity to experience a position of responsibility. This provides authentic opportunities for the students to develop their leadership skills.

We believe that the shared leadership experience will:

  • Embrace all members of the Year 6 student community as learners

  • Lead to the empowerment of individuals

  • Value each individual’s contribution

  • Offer each student new opportunities to develop their own leadership style and skill set

  • Enhance the range of quality of student learning by expanding their capacities

  • Tap potential yet to be realised

  • Demand a commitment by each student to learn and develop

  • Provide opportunities to show initiative, be creative and take risks

  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork

  • Demand active participation

  • Motivate students through seeing that their skills are valued and by being offered opportunities

  • Expose students to decision making processes that will allow them to reflect on their own values and beliefs, thus becoming more self-aware.

A Leadership Conference (1 day) is held in the second week of Term One at the beginning of Year 6. All girls, including any new students, will have the opportunity to learn even more about being a successful leader and creating and participating in effective teams. Guest speakers will be invited to address the students, provoking further discussion.