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Karen Spiller

2018 Senior Student Leaders Announced

This week I announced our 2018 Senior Student Leadership positions. We congratulate Georgia Douglas (School Captain) and Lilly Van Gilst (School Vice Captain) on their selection into these two pinnacle positions. All students named are to be congratulated for taking the risk in nominating for a position and for their endeavours which have seen them named as senior student leaders.

Leadership brings with it an awesome responsibility and one which carries a requirement for respectful and nurturing behaviour together with a genuine focus on serving others and our school.

In the next few weeks other significant leadership positions, including Interact President and Board, music and individual sport and other captaincies, will all be announced. We do endeavour to share the formal leadership positions around and certainly work hard to allow every year twelve students to take on informal leadership through the senior year.

School Captain                     Georgia Douglas

School Vice Captain             Lilly Van Gilst

Prefects                                  Charlie Bell

                                                Georgia Brown

                                                Georgia Douglas

                                                Jessica Forbes

                                                Phoebe McAuliffe

                                                Jessica Miller

                                                Sylvie Paulin

                                                Kate Riethmuller

                                                Jessica Rowe

                                                Georgia Scott

                                                Lilly Van Gilst

Sacristans                              Amy Stalley

                                                Emma Sargeant

Sports Captains                    Ruby Harris

                                                Imogen Cottell

Music Captains                     Amy Kuskopf

                                    Jade Franklin            

House Co-Captains              Austen                                    Barrett

                                                Gabrielle Terranova               Poppet Savage

                                                Georgina Sawyer                    Ashleigh Neill

                                                Bronte                                    Cavell

                                                Jessica Gullo                          Bonnie Wegener

                                                Robyn Conradie                      Imogen Cottell

                                                Hartland                                 Nightingale

                                                Jenna Behr                             Caitlin Haughton

                                                Emily Heath                            Jenna Todd

Opening of the Link

The $5 million redevelopment project is open and has delivered absolutely as we had hoped. The fully rejuvenated spaces are light, open and airy and facilitate inquiry and interest. There is a seamless flow through the space with opening glass doors and floor to ceiling glass that invites the outside into each classroom. The patterned carpets on the first floor give energy and interest to each classroom space. Break our areas including a lounge room space and five ‘nests’ provide interesting nooks for girls to collaborate and reflect. We are so delighted with the design and the execution of the project. The covered area of the Eunice Plaza provides protection from the elements as well as artistic inspiration with its design.

This week will see some final touches completed ahead of students and classes moving fully into the space next week. The Wall of Inspiration was on display on the outdoor screen at the opening on Thursday and the Stars will be installed this week. To be part of these two donor opportunities please click here.  

The treehouse play and inspiration area will be completed over the December - January period.

Thank you to Mrs Wickham and all our student performers and presenters and staff who were involved in the opening and dedication service on Thursday. Thank you to Ms Riordan and all staff involved in planning for the use and fit out of the Link.

My speech at the opening can be accessed here.

This week at School

Our students who travelled to South Africa and USA have returned after their time away. We look forward to hearing the stories of their experiences.

Over 50 furry and feathered friends joined our year 3 and 4 students and their families and other members of the school community for the annual Blessing of the Pets on the weekend. Thank you to Rev Gillian and to all attending. I hope your family friends enjoyed the excitement of the afternoon.

We also wish all of our Readers Cup competitors the very best for their competitions over the next few weeks.


Congratulations to all members of the Interact Board and to President Isabella Vuong, on the most successful and enjoyable afternoon of Quizzit last week. The $800 raised will be donated to Headspace (Taringa) a most worthy cause. The night was run smoothly and efficiently  and great fun. Thank you also to STAGE dance for their three energetic performances and Emma Kipsgaard (Year 8) for their performances. Thank you once again for the support of the Jindalee Rotary Club.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs Bishop’s family on their recent bereavement.

Congratulations to:

  • Ms Louise McGuire who has been listed as one of the five finalists for Excellence by a School Leader in the Queensland College of Teachers Awards to recognise outstanding performance by teachers and leaders in the community. We are so proud of your efforts and achievements Ms McGuire and congratulate you on this well-deserved recognition!!!

  • Our two art technicians Ms Dana Lawrie and Ms Sarah Poulgrain. Ms Lawrie is currently enjoying her much coveted five month residency at Brisbane's Metro Art Gallery and Ms Poulgrain has just completed her highly successful solo exhibition at RM Gallery in Auckland.

  • Jasmine Fleming (Year 9) represented Queensland U15 at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships at Coomera during the last week of the holidays. The Queensland team finished the competition undefeated (only dropping 2 sets throughout the tournament). They defeated Victoria 3-0 in the final to win the gold medal.

  • Courtney Downes (2013) who won $20,000 on a TV game show last week

Karen Spiller 

St Aidan's Dance

St Aidan’s Dance 11 November

The LAST and BEST School Dance of the Year!

Join in on the 500 BALLOON DROP and say farewell to the year 12s.

This Dance is open to all students year 7 -10 and year 11 and 12 St Aidan’s students only.

Tickets can be purchased via for students Year 7 -10.

Wristbands for year 11 and 12 can be purchased ($15) from the P&F.

All parent VOLUNTEERS are WELCOME. Contact P&F

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Deputy Principal

Toni Riordan

  • International Day of the Girl

  • Sun smart at St Aidan’s

International Day of the Girl

Wednesday, 11 October was the United Nations International Day of the Girl, which aims to recognise girls' rights, the unique challenges girls face around the world and the potential of adolescent girls. This year's theme was The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.

There are nearly 600 million girls aged 10 to 19 in the world today, each with limitless individual potential, however they are disappearing from public awareness and the international development agenda. Between inequities in secondary education to protection issues, adolescent girls are uniquely impacted and should benefit from targeted investments and programmes that address their distinct needs. Investing in adolescent girls can have a formidable ripple effect to create a better world by 2030.

Sun smart at St Aidan’s

St Aidan’s supports the promotion of sun-safe behaviour to minimise exposure of students and staff to the harmful effects of the sun. As the weather has already warmed up this term, it would be useful for everyone in the St Aidan’s community to be mindful of our sun smart practices:

  • Staff and students are expected to wear hats, protective clothing and sunscreen;

  • Staff are expected to model appropriate sun protective behaviours;

  • Parents are encouraged to also model sun protective behaviours;

  • Sun screen is made available for students to use while at school if they forget their personal supplies.

It is helpful when parents reinforce the importance of applying sunscreen as a daily practice at home. We’d like to see students applying sunscreen before coming to school and keeping it in their school bags for re-application throughout the day.

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Dean of Studies

Kim Wickham

  • Acting Dean of Studies

  • Oxford Royale Academy Courses for students aged 13-15 and 16-18

  • Student free day reminder: Monday 16 October

Acting Dean of Studies

Ms Lynda Wall is currently Acting Dean of Studies during Mrs Kim Wickham’s leave from the 2 - 31 of October. Please contact Ms Wall on or by phoning the senior school office for any academic matters relating to Year 10-12 students. 

Oxford Royale Academy Courses

The Oxford Royale Academy is offering two-week live-in study experience courses for students in July 2018. The dates coincide, for the most part, with the St Aidan’s mid-year holiday.  The courses are based in Oxford, Cambridge or London, and the wide range of options includes study in:

Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Fashion and Textile Design, Film, English language, Law, Global Leadership, Medicine

The Broadening Horizons course is also available, where students can experience lectures from a range of subjects such as Classics, Environmental Studies, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology and Robotics.

For further information please consult the organisation’s website at

Student free day

On Monday 16 October, many St Aidan’s staff members will be involved in QCAA district panel meetings, verifying Year 12 results. This is a student free day.   

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Reverend gillian moses

What would you do with a million dollars?

You may have read in the press or on social media this week that the Anglican Church gave a million dollars to the Marriage Law postal survey ‘No’ campaign.

It needs to be made clear that this money came from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and does not represent a commitment or a position held by the whole Anglican Church of Australia.

There are 23 dioceses in the Anglican Church of Australia and they are all independent. They are free to make their own decisions regarding financial matters, and this is what has happened in the present case. A decision was taken by the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Sydney to commit the money to the ‘No’ campaign. It was not a decision taken by all Anglicans in Sydney and it was not a decision even of the Synod of that diocese.

More importantly, the decision does not reflect the position of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, or of St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School. Of course, we are all free to hold our own opinions on the marriage law, and I hope all who are eligible to participate in the survey have taken the opportunity to do so.

I am very aware of the effect on LGBT+ people of such a public statement by a part of our church. Given our history of moral failure in caring for vulnerable people, and of failing to recognise God’s image in all people, including LGBT+ people, this can feel like yet another blow delivered by those who are supposed to be preaching good news. It certainly doesn’t feel Christ-like or in keeping with God’s commitment to the poor and marginalised.

I will continue to commit to introducing our students to the God of radical and inclusive love and hospitality. This is the God of Jesus, who promised rest to the weary and a lifting of burdens from those who are weighed down. We will commit to spending our resources on activities and campaigns that bring life to all. We will be a community of love. We know no other way.

Empowering the Girl Child

11 October each year marks the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child. According to the UN website, the day “aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.”

This year the theme of the day is about empowering girls before, during, and after crises such as war, famine and civil unrest. According to the UN, women and girls account for more than 75 % of the refugees and displaced persons at risk from war, famine, persecution and natural disaster. They are also vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation, during conflicts and in refugee camps. The theme of this International Day promotes the protection of girls from conflict and violence and to strengthen their resilience, while ensuring their full participation in mediation and negotiation processes.

It may seem to us that such issues are far removed from our girl children. Few if any of them are or will be at risk of becoming refugees or displaced persons, and for this we give thanks! However, even our girls are at risk of some gendered violence and sexualisation. Statistics show that while most boys are killed by strangers, girls are at particular risk of being killed by those closest to them. Globally, almost half (47 per cent) of female homicide victims of all ages are killed by family members or intimate partners, whereas the share for men is 6 per cent. All girls can benefit from our assistance in learning to advocate for themselves.

We also know that many of our girls will soon be young women with great capacity to effect change in their world. They are studying and training to be leaders, not just of other girls, but of other people. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to raise their awareness about the challenges and opportunities that other girls will encounter, and about their own ability to address those challenges. I am sure that if we do our job well, our girls will continue to follow the path trodden by many St Aidan’s girls in the past, of using their intelligence, passion and opportunities to make the world a safer and kinder place for others.

So we pay attention to the girls in refugee camps and in detention centres. We pay attention to girls living in war zones, who so often are subject to sexual violence as an act of war. And we also pay tribute to our St Aidan’s Old Girls who are working in many sectors, from education and development to international relations and poltics, and making a significant difference in the lives of girls.

The gospels are full of stories that show us a God who is partial to the poor and marginalised. They show us a Jesus who sought out women, especially women in tough circumstances, to assure them that God had good news for them. The good news was usually not about heaven, but about a change for the better here and now: restoration to health or life, recognition of women as active partners in God’s kingdom, rescue from poverty and social isolation. So the woman with a 12 year haemorrhage is cured, the woman with the severely bent back stands up, the woman at the well is treated as an intelligent conversation partner.

If God, in the person of Jesus, sees and seeks out women and girls to bring them into fulness of life, how can we do any less? And in doing so, we stand in the tradition of our Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent, who have always had at the heart of their mission the welfare of the girl child. May it be a joy and a privilege to use our power to empower others, to help them fly upwards!


Rev Gillian 

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Senior School


The Back Page

Updated Softball Draw



Click Read More for all Senior School music news including upcoming performances and rehearsal schedule.

Upcoming performances from Ensemble Volar – BIG SING

On Sunday 29 October, students from Ensemble Volar will be will be involved in a day of rehearsals and a performance as part of the annual Big Sing. Many choirs will be involved on the day and the event will take place at St Aidan’s.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

 8:30am Registration

9:00am Workshop One - James Cuskelly

10:30am Morning Tea (provided)

11:00am Workshop Two – Megan Flint

12:30pm Lunch (provided)

1:30pm Concert Preparation

2:30pm Final Concert (Massed and Community Choirs)

Students may wear comfortable casual clothes for the workshops but will be required to change into their full performance uniform (pinafore, white blouse, stockings and black shoes) for the performance. They will also need to bring a water bottle and their music.

Families are welcome to attend the concert at 2:30pm and concert tickets cost $5.

Grande Concert 

On Sunday, 15 October 2017 the St Aidan’s AGS Music Department and Music Support Group will present The Grande Concert. This concert will be held in the Christine Hartland Centre, will start at 3.00pm and will feature the following ensembles:

  • Stage Dance

  • Children Crossing

  • Volar Strings

  • Chorale 

  • Four Seasons Strings

  • Symphony Strings

  • Ensemble Volar

  • Arco Strings

  • Community Choir

  • Concert Band

  • Da Capo Strings

  • Symphony Orchestra 

Students who are involved in instrumental groups will need to arrive by 2.00pm in order to warm up and organise their instruments, music etc. All String groups are to meet in C108 (Strings room) and all Band students are to meet in C112 (Band room).  All choral groups will need to arrive no later than 2.30pm for a warm up in the Auditorium. 

We anticipate the concert will conclude by 5.30pm and encourage students performing earlier in the afternoon to support other performers through their full attendance. Students are reminded that the allocation of pockets later in the year is dependent on attendance at all performances.

Ensemble and choir members are required to dress in the performance uniform. Full details of the performance uniform may be found overleaf. Performance uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop. Students from the Junior School who are performing may wear their formal blue school uniform. 

In order to run an event such as this, some parental assistance is required. The Music Support Group is looking for offers of support for the afternoon; all families are asked to bring a plate of sweet or savoury snacks for afternoon tea. They will also run one of their famous raffles and would greatly appreciate donations of prizes for the hampers. Raffle donations (chocolates, biscuits, bottles of wine, small gift items) can be dropped at the P & F Office and will be collected at the end of Week 1 Term 4. Additionally, The Music Support Group are running a Senior School Raffle with the main prize a full scholarship to the Cuskelly College Summer School Music Program. This prize is valued $880 and tickets will be available on the day of the concert for $10. The raffle will be drawn at Music Lunch on Friday November 10, 2017. Everyone who has participated in this program has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and more details about the Summer School can be found at here.

Alternatively, if you are able to offer some time to assist with preparation, serving or clean-up please contact Anne Kuskopf 0402 121 739. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Paula Hodge 0411 860 433 if you have any questions or would like to volunteer in some way. This is a great way to support the work of the MSG in fundraising for the Music Department! 

There is no audience charge for this concert and refreshments will be available for purchase during the intermission. As this is one of the key events for our performance ensembles and choirs, we hope you take this opportunity to support your daughter in her musical endeavours through your attendance at this concert. 

Please address any enquiries regarding the event to the teacher of the relevant ensemble or Dr James Cuskelly on 3373 5999 or  

Student Commitment

In order to maintain and improve the high standards achieved by our ensembles and choirs, it is expected that students punctually attend all rehearsals and concerts. Just like a sporting team, a commitment by students to attend all rehearsals and performances is imperative. In the case of illness, absences from school or attendance at a camp or school excursion, parents are required to notify the School or the teacher in writing. It is important that this is done, both as a courtesy and to assist teachers in the delegation of “pockets” or “badges” later in the year.  

Pockets in the Senior School

Full and half music pockets are awarded to senior school students based on the level of the ensemble attendance at rehearsals and performances. Students are eligible for Strings, Bands or Choir pockets if there is evidence of 100% participation in performances and at least 90% attendance at rehearsals. Excused absences, such as illness and school camps, are not penalised from an attendance record.

Rehearsal Schedule

Events Calendar

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St Aidan's Olympics

On the last Thursday of Term 3 the Year 11 students hosted the St Aidan’s Olympics to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This foundation provides funding for much needed support and research for Type One Diabetes. The event was a remarkable success with 70 students and teachers participating and having a great deal of fun. Basketball hoops were shot, codes were cracked, water balloons thrown, donuts eaten off strings, balloons kept off the ground, wheelbarrow races run, cookies eaten without hands, puzzles solved, cups stacked and much more.

We had amazing support for this cause from the local community in the form of our corporate sponsors; Corinda Hot Bread Bakery, Lilly-Lee Art Gallery, Greenfield Mowers, Sherwood Dental, Rivercity Locksmiths and Security, Gaia Hair Salon and the Regal Cinema. With their assistance, the enthusiastic Olympians and the generous donations from families in the St Aidan’s community Year 11 managed to raise $1338 for JDRF – an incredible contribution.

This event demonstrated St Aidan’s support of their students' endeavours and how our school community cares about making a difference and assisting others. This has shown the positive impact determined, young people can have.

Thank you to Mrs Begbie and Mrs Crome, who supported and assisted us when we needed guidance; Mrs Farrer, who generously volunteered her time to run the barbeque; and of course all the Year 11 students who played a part – either by participating, facilitating or preparing.

As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” 

Junior Jottings

mrs Louise Mcguire

  • Form Captains

  • ICAS English Competition

  • Academic and Extra-curricular Recognition

  • Blessing of the Pets

  • Queensland Opera Performance – Year 3 Reviews

  • Sun Safety – long sleeve sun shirt

  • Interhouse Ball Games – Wednesday 18 October

  • Super Hero Disco – Friday 20 October

  • Melbourne Cup Lunch – Tuesday 7 November

  • St Aidan’s Cookbook Launch – Friday 6 October

  • Junior School - Outdoor Film Night – Saturday 18 November

  • Important Dates

Form Captains

Form Captains for Term Four have been elected. The girls received their badges at a Junior School Assembly on Monday of this week. 

Congratulations to the following girls- 

Year 4C                       Jinani Ariyarathne 

                                    Isabelle Mathers

Year 4R                       Hannah Daly

                                    Grace Scroggie

Year 5E                       Laura McGlennon

                                    Rebecca Paul

Year 5G                      Adelaide Morgan

                                    Gisele Vitale

Year 6J                       Eleanor Cusack

                                    Rachael McFarlane

Year 6M                      Annabelle Hammonds

                                    Lily McGregor

ICAS English Competition

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a Merit, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction for this year’s ICAS English Competition. Please bear in mind that this competition was not compulsory and only a small percentage of our girls in Years 2-6 were involved.

Merit – Year 2 Porsha Cassimatis Year 4 Madeline McGraw Year 5 Felicity Horrocks, Angela Hu Year 6 Charli McGaw

Credit – Year 2 Amelie Boyd, Aurelia Boyd, Olivia Dunn, Ruby Freidin, Holly Nguyen, Harriet Pillans, Olivia Rogers, Bria Saayman, Sydelle Zhang  Year 3 Kailyn Jayasuriya, Sienna Mahoney, Stephanie Pettigrew, Mia Rogers, Nhi Tran Year 4 Isabelle Dunn, Shirley Liang, Poppy Morrison, Adrita Saha, Grace Scroggie Year 5 Grace Smith, Stella Cuolahan, Hannah Doncon, Ella Jackson, Lara Koekoek, Laura McGlennon, Adelaide Morgan, Maddison Neale, Amelia Perry, Emma Sullivan, Adheera Warrier, Charlotte Worthington Year 6  Tara Bourke, Jadey Clarke, Lucy Guy, Ariana McCulloch, Nashonie Paul, Emily Skipper, Amy Wake

Distinction – Year 2 Jennifer Atkin, Seoirsin Greer, Inez Hancock, Tia Perry Year 3 Georgia Boyne, Ava Robinson Year 4 Regan Saayman Year 5 Bridie Allen, Eliska McAuliffe Year 6 Annabelle Hammonds, Cora Masterson

High Distinction – Year 2 Sophie Colston Year 3 Sophia Evenden, Remy Hancock Year 6 Meg Tait

Academic and Extra-curricular Recognition

At the end of each year, we recognise the academic and extra-curricular achievements of the girls in the Junior School.

Academic Achievement badges for excellent academic achievement across both Semester One and Term Three 2017 (Year 4-6) will be presented at the Annual Awards Ceremony (QPAC) on Monday 13 November commencing at 7.00pm. Junior School Dux and Runner Up to Dux and the Year 6 Citizenship prize will also be presented at this time.

On Wednesday 15 November at 9.00am in the Christine Hartland Centre, we will be conducting an Extra-curricular Awards Assembly to celebrate participation in a wide range of Junior School activities and to present some special Music and Sports awards. Parents and award recipients are invited to join us for morning tea at the conclusion of this assembly.

Recipients of awards will be notified by email prior to the award presentation ceremonies. It would be wonderful to see as many parents as possible join us in these celebrations as it is important to give the girls a clear message that we value excellent academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement.

Blessing of the Pets

Last Wednesday 4 October was St Francis of Assisi’s Feast Day. This day is celebrated in churches around the world with a service for the Blessing of the Pets. At St Aidan’s last Saturday afternoon, we incorporated the Year 3 and 4 Family Service with this special day. The focus was not only to pray for the companionship of our pets, but also for our Australian native animals and the helpfulness of specially trained animals who work in war zones, hospitals and schools.

With her own Westie (‘Tilly’) by her side, Reverend Gillian blessed many pet dogs, cats, chickens and even a pet lorikeet. All were remarkably calm and well-behaved. Thanks must go to Reverend Gillian, Susie Rigby, Kristine Cairns, Jen Rowe and all the Year 3, Year 4 girls and Year 6 girls who prepared readings, prayers and a mural for this lovely family service.

Blessing of the Animals 1

Blessing of the Animals 3

Blessing of the Animals 6

Queensland Opera Performance – Year 3 Reviews

Remy Hancock Year 3

On Wednesday 4 October, The Queensland Opera Company presented the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ to the Junior School girls (P-4). The performance was a thrilling new version of the traditional fairy tale 

My favourite character would have to be the witch. I thought she would be a scary witch, but she was the funniest witch I have ever seen in my life. She didn’t even look like a traditional witch. Hansel and Gretel were also doing their part well too – play fighting like brother and sisters do.

In Hansel and Gretel, there were only three actors on stage. The other parts such as the Dew Fairy and the Mother had been videoed and cleverly projected on a screen in the scenery. The actors changed costumes quickly and I also enjoyed the special magical effects and the duet singing.

In all, the show was extraordinary and I really hope Queensland Opera can come to present another performance again soon.

Georgia Boyne Year 3

Last Wednesday, Queensland Opera performed Hansel and Gretel to the Junior School. The performance was thrilling, humorous and very entertaining. There were only three actors, but there were seven characters. The modern story was different from the traditional version, but in a good way, though. It was very funny in some parts as the witch was a man dressed as a lady who was actually pretending to be a cook! There were also lots of catchy songs that told the story, but some parts were spoken. Most of it was rhyme. I liked the selection of scenes, the costumes and special effects.

We were privileged to see the performance and I hope they come again to school next year.

Sincere thanks is extended to the Boyd family for enabling the Queensland Opera Company to visit St Aidan’s and have their performance enjoyed by our Prep-Year 4 students.

Qld Opera 1

Qld Opera 2

Sun Safety

Sun Shirts (rashie)

Please be reminded it is compulsory for all Junior School students to wear a sun shirt over their swimmers during PE swimming lessons. A long sleeved sun shirt is available for purchase from the Uniform Shop.

Interhouse Ball Games – Wednesday 18 October

On Wednesday 18 October at 1pm, we are having our Interhouse Ball Games Carnival (P-6). All students are encouraged to wear their House coloured shirts on this day. They may wear these shirts all day.                                   

Super Hero Disco – Friday 20 October

This year’s Super Hero Disco (for Junior School students K-6 and the ‘special male hero’ in their life) is being held on Friday 20 October. This is a wonderful Junior School event with lots of excitement around costume planning and rehearsal of dance moves!

We are seeking raffle/silent auction prize donations from Junior School families. Ticket sales from the much sought after prizes contribute significantly to the funds raised on the night.

Raffle prizes: Suggested donations from each year level-

Kindy and Prep: Art & craft supplies/ board games/ books

Years 1 & 2: Smiggle items

Year 3: $5 Donations to purchase an Instamatic Camera

Year 4: Summer holiday hamper – pool toys, beach towels, sunscreen, frisbees, etc

Year 5: Princess Hamper – hair accessories, nail polish, lip gloss etc.

Year 6: Typo items

Of course, if you have anything else that you would like to donate as a raffle prize, it would be very much appreciated. Donations can be delivered to your daughter’s classroom by Tuesday 17 October.

Thank you for your support.

St Aidan’s Cookbook Launch – Friday 3 November (New Date and Venue)

You are invited to join us for the St Aidan’s Cookbook Launch with a champagne high tea in the newly opened Link.

  • 10am Friday 3 November

  • $70 per person (includes glass of champagne on arrival and a cookbook RRP $50)

Tickets are available for purchase on Flexischools until Wednesday 1 November

Melbourne Cup Luncheon – Tuesday 7 November

This year, the Melbourne Cup luncheon will be held at the Indooroopilly Golf Club. Tickets are on sale (Flexischools) $110 per person. For more information see the P&F section of the newsletter. Start organising your table now so you don’t miss out!

film night

Sherwood Arboretum’s ‘open house’ – a tree walk on Sat 14 October

The Curator and volunteer guides of Brisbane Botanic Gardens invite you to an ‘Open House’ with a difference – the opportunity to discover Sherwood Arboretum’s stunning tree collection on Saturday 14 October.

This FREE 90-minute guided walk, starting at 9.30am from the Jolimont Street entry, is being held to celebrate Arbor Day, which recognises the importance of trees to our world. With the help of the Oxley- Chelmer History Group, you will also learn the history behind this heritage-listed collection of more than 1000 trees.

The Friends of Sherwood Arboretum Association (FOSA) is joining with Brisbane Botanic Gardens in presenting this guided walk, which finishes with morning tea among Queensland’s rainforest giants.

The $5.00 cost per adult (students and children are free) for morning tea supports FOSA’s voluntary work in the Arboretum.

Our numbers are limited so please remember to RSVP to or call 3278 6525 as soon as possible.

Brisbane City Council marks Arbor Day with the free distribution of trees to local school. For the record, Arbor Day was first held in Nebraska in the United States in 1872.

Important Dates – Junior School

Term 4, 2017




4.00pm Junior School Art & Music Show – CHC


6.30pm Junior School New Parent (2018) Info Evening – Auditorium


9.00am – 11.00am Open Morning


4.00pm Year 6 Debating v St Margaret’s – St Aidan’s hosting


4.00pm Year 5 Public Speaking


3.00pm The Grande Concert - CHC



Oct 16

Student Free Day – Orientation Day – Year 7 students 2018


1.00pm-2.00pm Junior School Inter-house Ball Games


10.00am Year 4 Chapel


Penguin Aid – Lolly Stall


6.00pm K-6 Super Hero Disco



Oct 23

Andrews Cup Softball – Downey Park


6.30pm Kindy New Parent (2018) Orientation Evening


10.00am Year 5 Chapel


FREE DRESS DAY (Day for Daniel) – red theme


World Teachers’ Day


Oct 30

Andrews Cup Softball WWD


8.45am-10.30am Kindy into Prep Transition Morning


6.30pm Girl Zone Book Club

Nov 1

Train – to – School Morning


Andrews Cup Gymnastics – Somerville House


Nov 6

8.45am-10.30am Kindy into Prep Transition Morning

4.00pm Performing Arts Recital 4pm


Melbourne Cup Luncheon


4.00pm Year 6 Debating v St Margaret’s – St Margaret’s hosting


10.00am Year 2/3 Chapel


8.45am Special Awards Assembly – CHC


Nov 13

Annual Awards Ceremony Rehearsal - QPAC

7.00pm Annual Awards Ceremony – Yr 4-11 – QPAC


9.00-10.00am J/School Extra-Curricular Assembly – CHC


Final Day for Year 12


First Lego League Competition - QUT

5.00pm Junior School Outdoor ‘Film Night’ - Courtyard


Nov 22

9.00am-1.00pm Year 6 – Transition Eucharist - Cathedral


BBC Prep/St Aidan’s Prep – visit to Sherwood Arboretum

5.00pm Year 6 Eucharist (CHC) and Dinner (Hillstone)


Year 3 Excursion - Planetarium

2.00pm Kindy – End of Year Performance - CHC


Nov 27

8.45am Junior School New Student (2018) Orientation


12 noon Junior School - St Aidan’s Got Talent – CHC

2pm Junior School Hour of Code – CHC


9.00am – K-5 Messy Church Service – CHC

1.30pm Yr 6 Crossing of the Road

1.45pm Yr 4-10 Final Assembly – CHC



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Junior SPORT

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Andrews Cup Gymnastics

The Andrews Cup Gymnastics teams are working extremely hard with early morning starts.  Trainings will continue Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6am – 7.30am at Western District Gymnastic, Purtell Park, (entry via Carwoola Street), Bardon. A full dress rehearsal will be held on Friday 27 October and Tuesday 31 October. Further information of requirements will be advised closer to the date. On the conclusion of each session, a bus will take the girls back to school.  The competition is being held at Somerville House on Thursday 2 November.

West Taylor Bridge Friday Clubs Competition Semester 2 Interschool Sport

The 2017 Walter Taylor Bridge competition recommenced last Friday. I would encourage all girls to commit to their weekly trainings at Ambiwerra.  On the conclusion of each session, a bus will take the girls back to school.

Girls involved in Interschool Basketball and Softball are expected to attend a training session but if any difficulties exist, please contact Ms Jeanes-Fraser.

As a courtesy to staff and other coaches, please note the starting and finishing times for each session.

Training for all teams for all sports (Basketball and Softball) is located at Ambiwerra.

 Training sessions and coaches have been confirmed for Basketball and Softball teams – please see below.

Softball Training Sessions

Friday morning 6.45am-7.45am at Ambi

Term 4 training will recommence on Friday 6 October 2017

Girls are reminded to bring their glove and water bottle.

Ms Rowe, Ash Johnson and Hannah King

Basketball Training Sessions

Friday morning 6.45am-7.45am at Ambi

Term 4 training will recommence on Friday 6 October 2017

Ms Child, Raquel Spies and Ms Jeanes-Fraser

Andrews Cup Softball Teams

The Andrews Cup Softball trainings continue Wednesday morning at Ambiwerra from 6.45am to 8.00am.  Girls should aim to attend as many sessions as possible as the Andrews Cup competition which is to be held at Downey Park, Windsor on Monday 23 October 2017.  Girls are reminded to have arranged their hiring of the school softball pants from the Uniform Shop at the cost of $27, which includes a refund of $20 upon the return of the pants and the long, navy St Aidan’s socks (which must cover all of the lower part of the leg).  On the conclusion of each session, a bus will take the girls back to school.

Swimming Squad Training (Target Andrew 2018)

Preparation for the 2018 swimming competition season is commencing on Wednesday 4 October at the school’s pool.

Squad trainings are based around preparing our girls for the competitive swimming season in 2018 (Andrews Cup, District and Interschool).  Girls are required to have a certain level of swimming ability as a prerequisite for involvement (please see below). Training sessions aim to provide our girls technical correction, with a focus on race preparation and endurance.

Sessions are available to girls in Years 1 – 6.

  • Girls attending trainings from Year 3 - Year 6 should be confident in swimming 25 – 50m repeatedly in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and they must also be able to perform a dolphin kick.

  • Girls attending trainings from Year 1 and Year 2 must be comfortable in swimming 25 m repeatedly in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

  • Girls must sign-in the St Aidan’s swimming attendance book at the pool for every session that they attend.

The Junior School is offering four afternoon squad sessions at the school pool for the commencement of the term.



Other Details

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoons

At School Pool

Year 1 - Year 3

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Year 4-Year 6


swimming cap, goggles and water bottle required.


2018 Beyond Athletics

The 2018 Beyond Athletics commenced last Wednesday at Ambiwerra from 3.45-5.00pm for girls selected.  With the weather being so hot, girls are reminded to bring their water bottles, sunscreen and wear their sports cap.  On the conclusion of the school day, students have the option of being transported to Ambiwerra via the school bus.  Parents are to collect their girls at the end of the session at Ambiwerra.

As a courtesy to staff and other coaches, please note the finishing times for each session.

Basketball Invitation - Tournament for Schools within the Andrews Cup Association

MBC Invitational Basketball

St Aidan’s Junior School has nominated to compete in the MBC Invitational Basketball competition at the Hibiscus Sports Centre Carina, 90 Klumpp Rd Upper Mt Gravatt on Thursday 2 November 2017.  The games will be an all-day carnival held against some of the schools that are involved in the Andrews Cup competition.  Girls, aged 10 to 12 years wishing to be selected into the teams will need to nominate through their class teachers.  Trials will be held next Tuesday 17 October at Ambiwerra from 6.45-7.45am.  On selection of the teams, girls will train on Tuesday 24 and 31 October at the Ambiwerra Basketball courts from 6.45-7.45am.  A school bus will be provided to take students to the venue on the day of the carnival.

Please note, this is the same date as the Andrews Cup Gymnastics Competition. Girls involved in Gymnastics will be unable to participate.

Interhouse Ball Games

The Interhouse Ball Games Carnival will be held on Wednesday 18 October in front of the Science and Technology Building from 1.00pm – 2.00pm.  Girls from Prep through to Year 6 will be involved in an extremely colourful and competitive afternoon of Tunnel Ball, Unders and Overs and ZigZag. All girls are encouraged to wear their house shirts and bring their house spirit for a very entertaining afternoon.

Andrews Cup and Interschool Sport Photos

With the Semester One sports concluded, I am looking at collating photos from as many Junior School sporting events as possible. If Sporting Captains or parents have any photos, can they please pass them on via usb or email (

2017 Key Dates Term 4

4 October 2017

  • Swim Squad Training Commences

4 October 2017

  • Andrews Cup Softball Training

4 October 2017

  • 2018 Beyond Athletics Commences

6 October 2017

  • WTB Competition Recommences

18 October 2017

  • Interhouse Ball Games

23 October 2017

  • Andrews Cup Softball – Downey Park, Windsor

2 November 2017

  • Andrews Cup Gymnastics – Somerville House

2 November 2017

  • MBC Invitational Basketball

22 November 2017

  • 2018 Beyond Athletics Concludes Ambiwerra


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Junior Music

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Congratulations go to Novia Yin 5G who has recently been awarded 2nd place at the National Oboe and Bassoon Competition held by the Australian Double Reed Society.

Beginner Programs in Instrumental Music

The students in Years 3 and 4 are thoroughly enjoying their Beginner Band instrumental lessons. These lessons will continue to operate on a once-a-week basis throughout the semester. For the Year 4 classes, session times will alternate between the Junior School Assembly (Monday) and the Senior School Assembly (Tuesday). Here is a table outlining the planned rotation for the Year 4 Beginner Band Program:



Week Two

Tues 10 Oct

Week Three

Tues 17 Oct

Week Four

Mon 23 Oct

Week Five

Tues 31 Oct

Week Six

Mon 6 Nov

Week Seven

Tues 14 Nov

Week Eight

Mon 20 Nov

For the Year 3 class, session times will be held each Tuesday after lunch from 2:00 – 2:40pm.

Students are required to bring their instrument and music to each session.

If you have questions, please contact Sue Figliano , James Cuskelly or Carla Trott .

Student Commitment

In order to maintain and improve the high standards achieved by our ensembles and choirs, it is expected that students punctually attend all rehearsals and concerts. Just like a sporting team, a commitment by students to attend all rehearsals and performances is imperative. In the case of illness, absences from school or attendance at a camp or school excursion, parents are required to notify the School or the teacher in writing. It is important that this is done, both as a courtesy and to assist teachers in the delegation of “pockets” or “badges” later in the year.

Badges in the Junior School

Students in the Junior School are awarded a Bronze (one ensemble), Silver (two ensembles) and Gold (three ensembles) badge based on their involvement in some extra-curricular musical groups. Students who attend all performances and 90% of rehearsals for one year are eligible for a badge if they participate in the following ensembles:

  • Wind Ensemble

  • Junior Band

  • Children Crossing

  • Vivaldi Strings

  • Dolce Strings

  • Beginner Strings

Australian Girls Choir

The Australian Girls Choir will be holding an Open Day on Sunday 29 October for more information please visit

Rehearsal Schedule

Events Calendar

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Join us at the Annual Melbourne Cup Lunch this year - read more here.

We will be celebrating the launch of the much anticipated cookbook with a champagne high tea in The Link - click here for more information.


Is your daughter using her student ID card on the school bus? Tuckshop? Supplies Shop?

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2)            Check the daily limit isn’t too low!

If your student is using her student ID to make daily purchases at the supplies shop, tuckshop and on the bus, this can add up. Please ensure your student’s daily limit is set so she can make these purchases. We are unable to charge your student’s ID card at a later time. 

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