Newsletter Term 4 Week 3


Karen Spiller

2017 Alumni Awards named

For the last four years, we have offered two alumni awards to recognise the achievements of past students. It is my pleasure to advise that Meg Rylance (2007) and Anne-Marie Rice (1991) are the recipients of this year’s awards.

Meg receives the Distinguished Young Alumni Award. Meg is a Freelance Editor for Reality Television and is currently working on The Block. She has previously worked on Great Australian Bake Off, My Kitchen Rules, House Rules and Australia’s Got Talent. In 2015, she was the youngest person to be given the editor’s role, at 26, on Masterchef. While at St Aidan’s Meg was Hartland House Co-Captain and Rowing Captain and was awarded the Walker Prize for Sporting Spirit. We congratulate Meg for her award. 

Anne-Marie Rice was the recipient of the Caroline Amy Award. Anne-Marie is Director of Rice Naughton McCarthy Family Law and is the principal mediator for Rice Mediations. Anne-Marie is recognised as one of Australia’s best family lawyers and has been awarded many honours and recognition nationally and internationally, for her work in this area. Anne-Marie was previously a Deputy Chair of our School Council, fundraises for agencies such as Second Chance, tutors for adult literacy and is a lecturer at the University of Queensland. At school, Anne-Marie was School Vice-Captain and Swimming Captain. 

We look forward to recognising both our distinguished alumni at the Annual Awards Ceremony on Monday 13th November.

The Link and the Wall of Inspiration

Thank you to parents and past parents who have been inspired by an art work or innovation from our Wall of Inspiration. Displayed on a 3.4 m wide screen, these images acknowledge your gift and will inspire our students. Please be inspired today! Alternatively, you can purchase a star and have your daughter’s name on one of these.


In total, we have raised $814,846 for the Link and I acknowledge that every member of our Senior Leadership Team have donated to this transformational project.

This week at School

The Junior school art and music show was another delightful afternoon with choirs and ensembles performing amidst a huge array of gorgeous art creations. Thank you to all our staff for their work on this event and to all our girls for their creative talents!

The Grande Concert was enjoyed by all who attended. This event featured our string ensembles, concert band and choirs together with a combined performance of strings and brass to conclude the afternoon. The concert was beautiful and reflected the rehearsals and hard work invested by so many. Thank you all staff and parents for their support of our girls and to Dr Cuskelly and our music staff. Thank you to all students for the beautifully sung Blessing.

Ms Riordan, Ms McGuire, Mrs Brown and I hosted 28 past students for our annual Melbourne reunion on Saturday. We had Gwen from 1944 together with Chai Jie and Lydia from 2014 and many decades in between those 70 years attend. It was a lovely afternoon to share stories and hear the news of our ‘girls’. Back at school the 30-year reunion was hosted by Ms Begbie and Ms O’Sullivan Williams. Both events highlighted the connections that our alumni have with our school and their fond memories of their time at St Aidan’s.

We wish our QGSSSA athletes all the very best for their competition this Friday.

Congratulations to:

Angela Chen (Year 12) who has been offered a place in The University of Queensland’s Bachelor of Music (Honours) program or dual program next year.
Rimaz Toto (Year 12) who has been offered a Bond University Scholarship.
Dr James Cuskelly and Mr Shane MacDonald who were both nominated for the ‘A Day Made Better’ Teaching Awards.
Mrs Sue Russell who recently received the President’s Award for the Educate Plus Queensland Chapter for recognition of an outstanding record and service to education advancement.
Our St Aidan’s School Equestrian Team who were awarded the Rita and Derek Dobson Trophy for the secondary school whose riders achieved the highest average score over the six disciplines at the State Championships. 
Our Open Tennis team for placing first, Year 9 Volleyball team for placing third and our 10C Badminton, Open Netball and Junior B Hockey teams for all placing second at their recent competitions.
The following girls who received medals at the Queensland Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships:
Bridget McCormack: 2nd 800m
Angelina Tignani: 1st Javelin – state record, 1st Hammer Throw, 3rd Shot Put
Shellbee Welsh: 1st 2000m Steeple Chase, 2nd High Jump
Tayla Behr: 1st 3000m
Nina Brown: 3rd 2000m Steeple Chase
Kate Riethmuller: 2nd 800m, 3rd 1500m
Romany Beckinsale: 2nd 800m
Sachini Godamunne: 1st 100m, 1st 200m
Hayley Walker: 2nd 5000m

Bridget, Angelina, Shellbee, Tayla and Romany have all qualified to compete at the National competition in Adelaide in December. 
Taya Kesby (Year 9) and Charlotte Fraser-Rieck (Year 9) who did an amazing job helping with the Benarrawa Elders lunch on the weekend.

Karen Spiller

St Aidan's Dance
St Aidan’s Dance 11 November
The LAST and BEST School Dance of the Year!
Join in on the 500 BALLOON DROP and say farewell to the year 12’s.

This Dance is open to all students Year 7 -10 and year 11 and 12 St Aidan’s students only.
Tickets can be purchased via for students Year 7 -10.
Wristbands for year 11 and 12 can be purchased ($15) from the P&F.

All parent VOLUNTEERS are WELCOME. Contact P&F



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Deputy Principal

Toni Riordan

Thinking Differently
In Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently (2014), Sebastian Bailey suggests reasons why we need to alternate between being internally focused and being externally focused, in order to learn effectively. 

An external focus is an awareness of the things outside our own head. When we focus in this way, we are not aware of what we are thinking. Our attention is on what is going on, not on what we think about it, how to interpret it, or whether it could have an impact on the future. Focusing internally is like having a conversation with ourselves.
Our mind is always occupied in one of two places: what is going on inside our head or what is going on outside our head. It is impossible to focus at the same time on both what is internal and what is external, just as it is to focus on neither. What is possible, though, is to switch between them, which we can achieve with some simple mental training.
An ideal state of mind for learning fluctuates between thinking and engaging in the external, that is, responding to whatever a current situation demands of us. There isn’t a formula that dictates when we should be in one state and when we should be in the other. It takes practice to master the dance between thinking with an internal focus and one with an external focus. Consider the following ideas from Mind Gym:
Try listening to your thoughts without critiquing. Attempt to stay neutral. 
Try to consciously notice more around you.
Make an effort to practise and be present in the moment.
Try turning the ‘autopilot off’ by looking for something new.
Learn that ‘always’ isn’t absolute.
Accept other people’s perspective.
By focusing on the steps that we need to take to arrive where we want to go, rather than on the eventual outcome, our mind can often switch from critical ‘internal’ noise to being engaged with what we are actually doing.

Calendar Dates Ahead
A reminder that the Annual Awards Ceremony will be held on the evening of Monday 13 November, 2017, commencing at 7.00pm. The Annual Awards Ceremony will be held at the QPAC Concert Hall and more details shall follow via email communication to families.

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Rev Gillian Moses

The Stories We Tell
I have found myself in the midst of several conversations this week about stories. I admit this is one of my favourite topics, as I value the importance of stories and the role they play in making us human. 

The writer John Niles even calls humanity Homo Narrans (the story-telling human), saying that we become human by telling and listening to stories. They tell us what matters, what happened in our past, how we see the world, how we relate to one another. 

We all tell our big stories – our great myths and metanarratives – such as creation stories, and stories of what makes a successful person. These aren’t fiction stories, but explanations of how things came to be the way they are. For example, in the West we have the story of the self-made person which says that anyone at all can go from nothing to success if they just work hard enough. This is not necessarily false or harmful, although it is also not universally true. And we see how it plays out in our society, and how we tend to regard people for whom it is not true. The story shapes us and tells us how to look at one another. All our stories do this.

Apart from the big stories, we all have our own personal stories too. These are the stories we tell to ourselves and about ourselves: that we are good at sport or not good at maths, that we are lucky in love, or even that we good people. These stories have power over us because we tend to notice the experiences that confirm them, and ignore the ones that suggest something else might be true.

The good news is that we can choose which stories we will tell. While we are often given certain tales, such as the story of God creating the world in 6 days, we can interpret and modify the story, and retell it in a way that makes more sense. On the weekend, our gospel reading was a story Jesus told about a wedding banquet that involved threats and murder and someone being cast into the outer darkness! Now traditionally many Christians have interpreted that story as a story about God, which means that God threatens us with fear and exclusion if we don’t behave. But there are other ways of interpreting the story, where God is actually the person being cast out, and we ask ourselves who is doing the casting. Suddenly the parable is a lot more interesting and life-giving, and offers us choices about the sort of lives we want to live.

Choosing a story of life and hope is a possibility for all of us. It can be an act of resistance, and a healthy exercise of our personal power. Do we choose and tell stories that exclude, and induce fear, or do we tell stories of life, love and growth? We are the authors of our own stories, so it is up to us to write creatively and narrate our dreams into being.
Rev Gillian 

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Dean of Studies

Kim Wickham

Acting Dean of Studies
Year 11 and 12 Learning Accounts
Block testing timetables, Years 11 and 12


Acting Dean of Studies
Ms Lynda Wall is currently Acting Dean of Studies during Mrs Kim Wickham’s leave from the 2 - 31 October. Please contact Ms Wall on or by phoning the senior school office for any academic matters relating to Year 10-12 students.  
Year 11 and 12 Learning Accounts
From 27 October, students in Year 11 and 12 will be asked to access and check their QCAA Learning Accounts, to review information about their QCE eligibility and subject enrolments. Details on accessing Learning Accounts will be provided to the girls in form time on the 27th October. It is important that if students detect any errors or omissions in their enrolment details or personal details, they email Mrs Wise
Block testing timetables
Students in Year 12 have received a draft block testing timetable to check for any potential clashes. The final timetable will be released to Year 12 students by Monday 23 October. Year 11 students will also receive a draft for checking in the next week, and they should raise any concerns as soon as possible after receiving the draft. Year 9 and 10 timetables will follow. 



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Dean of Students & Academic Welfare (7-9)

Cate Begbie

QGSSSA Athletics
Extra-Curricular Activities


QGSSSA Athletics: Information has been emailed to all families about the QGSSSA Athletics day this Friday. Of course we have many athletes competing on this day – we wish you all the best of luck! All students in Years 9 and 12 who are not competing will be travelling to QSAC for the day to cheer on our athletes. This is a fabulous day where we look forward to supporting our school and displaying our wonderful school spirit.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Being the end of the year, many of the extra-curricular activities are winding up. Many have had break-ups and have recognised the efforts of the staff and students involved in these activities. I too wish to add my congratulations and thank you for a wonderful year of extra-curricular activities, and acknowledge the time and effort many staff, parents and students make. 


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Guidance Counsellor

Jennie Robinson

  • ADF


  • UNIS


Australian Defence Force Careers Information Session.   
Tap into a future-focused career, using some of the world’s most advanced technology to keep information flowing 24/7. 
Choose an exciting Communications, IT or Intelligence career and work with some of the most sophisticated communication and surveillance systems in the world, as the eyes and ears of the ADF. 
Take responsibility for obtaining, disseminating and communicating information that's critical to missions, ranging from military operations to search and rescue activities. 
To learn more, attend a Comms, IT & Intelligence Roles Information Session
When: Tuesday 24th October 2017
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm 
Where: Defence Force Recruiting Brisbane, Level 13, 295 Ann Street, Brisbane. 
To RSVP email or click on

Entry program, scholarships and support for elite athletes
QUT is recognised by the Australian Institute of Sport and The Australian Sports Commission as an elite athlete friendly university. Find out about our entry program, scholarships and support for elite athletes

UQ Sporting Scholarships - apply now
UQ's sporting scholarships support students to balance their studies with the demands of elite-level addition to financial support, these scholarships offer academic tutoring, facility access, workshops and much more.UQ's sporting scholarships open on Thursday August 3. Applications can be submitted online.

For information, contact: Ashley Hanger
Phone: 07 3365 6046


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in electronic and UAV engineering
Brisbane campus
As Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are rapidly finding application in many areas, the need for both certified pilots and engineers to design and maintain the vehicles grows. The Electronic and UAV Engineering major offers UAV flight training and professional pilot license theory. The major will provide a pathway to being a highly qualified UAV pilot while giving the graduate full engineering qualifications.
» To find out more

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in civil and architectural engineering
Gold Coast campus
This major combines civil and structural engineering with the creative design and environmental sustainability aspect from architecture. Students will study the planning, design construction and operation of engineered systems for a diverse range of projects. As there is increasing need and demand for sustainable buildings, graduates will have a unique advantage in the workplace with their ability to apply engineering knowledge with design skills to engage in all aspects of a building project.
» To find out more

Bachelor of Computer Science
Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses
The Computer Science program is Queensland's premiere degree for individuals focused on careers in the dynamic software development and software engineering sector. It is designed to prepare students to work on the cutting edge of technology, creating the future rather than just applying existing information technology solutions to business needs or building websites.
» To find out more

New STEM double degrees for 2018
Bachelor of Environmental Sciences/Bachelor of Business (Brisbane and Gold Coast)
Bachelor of Engineering (H)/Bachelor of Aviation (Brisbane)
Bachelor of Engineering (H)/Bachelor of Computer Science (Brisbane and Gold Coast)
Bachelor of Engineering (H)(Mechanical major)/ Bachelor of Industrial Design (Gold Coast)
» Visit

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships
Applications are open for the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Program. Please note, there is no longer an OP/rank eligibility requirement for the elite athlete scholarships. Applications for academic and elite athlete categories close 17 November. To be considered for creative industries scholarships students must submit their portfolio or register for an audition with QUT by 5pm on 15 September.

Future Skills evening for students, parents and school staff—10 October
Students, parents and school staff are invited to attend Future Skills, a presentation and networking event focusing on how to pioneer and navigate a successful career in today's ever-changing world.

Admission updates: elite athlete entry via QTAC and video about suitability statement for education courses
Students can now apply for QUT's elite athlete entry scheme through QTAC, rather than through QUT. Also, a new video explaining details about the written statement required for education courses is now available on the QTAC website.

School of Economics Scholarships - apply now

Applications are open for two exciting scholarship opportunities at the UQ School of Economics.
The Year 12 Domestic Australian Scholarship is for outstanding Australian domestic students who are completing Year 12 studies. A $5000 bursary each year for three years is granted to the successful application.
Applications close 3 November, 2017.
The Year 12 Equity and Diversity Scholarship is for students who can demonstrate a very keen interest in economics but who have been disadvantaged during high schooling. A $5000 bursary each year is granted in addition to a mentoring scheme. Applications close 28 November, 2017.
Students seeking admission to the Bachelor of Economics are encouraged to apply.
For information, contact:
UQ School of Economics
Phone: 07 3365 6570

New program: Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours), QTAC Code - 709101
From 2018, UQ Business School will offer a Bachelor of Advanced Business (Honours).
This elite program will help students become a critical and reflective thinkers, capable of identifying, analysing and developing solutions for the complex challenges facing businesses in the 21st century.
Our four-year honours program will be limited to a small, highly motivated and high-achieving cohort aspiring to leadership roles in business, the community or academia.
The courses in this program are designed to ensure students stand out to employers and are run by internationally respected industry experts and academics. Our unique capstone course in leadership and ethics will give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills on real business cases.
Applicants must have Queensland Year 12 (or equivalent) English, and Mathematics B or C, or a combination of both.
For more information, visit the website.
For information, contact:
UQ Business School
Phone: 07 3365 2203


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Senior School


Active Lunch Breaks Term 4

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Click Read More for all Senior School music news including upcoming performances and rehearsal schedule.

Grande Concert
Congratulations to all the girls for their polished performances at the Grande Concert last Sunday. The quality of the performances clearly indicates the dedication of the music students and their teachers. We would like to thank Ms Begbie for her commentary and the members of the Music Support Group for their work organising afternoon tea and the raffles. Congratulations to all the music staff for their continued commitment to musical excellence at St Aidan’s. 

Upcoming performances from Ensemble Volar – BIG SING
On Sunday 29 October, students from Ensemble Volar will be will be involved in a day of rehearsals and a performance as part of the annual Big Sing. Many choirs will be involved on the day and the event will take place at St Aidan’s. 
The schedule for the day is as follows:
8:30am Registration 
9:00am Workshop One - James Cuskelly 
10:30am Morning Tea (provided) 
11:00am Workshop Two – Megan Flint 
12:30pm Lunch (provided) 
1:30pm Concert Preparation 
2:30pm Final Concert (Massed and Community Choirs)
Students may wear comfortable casual clothes for the workshops but will be required to change into their full performance uniform (pinafore, white blouse, stockings and black shoes) for the performance. They will also need to bring a water bottle and their music. 
Families are welcome to attend the concert at 2:30pm and concert tickets cost $5. 

Music Support Group AGM
The Music Support Group will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Monday 6 November at 7pm. The Music Support Group provide valuable assistance to the music department through fund raising and support of music functions throughout the year. Parents who would like to be involved in the MSG for 2018 would be warmly welcomed at this meeting.

Student Commitment 
In order to maintain and improve the high standards achieved by our ensembles and choirs, it is expected that students punctually attend all rehearsals and concerts. Just like a sporting team, a commitment by students to attend all rehearsals and performances is imperative. In the case of illness, absences from school or attendance at a camp or school excursion, parents are required to notify the School or the teacher in writing. It is important that this is done, both as a courtesy and to assist teachers in the delegation of “pockets” or “badges” later in the year. 

Pockets in the Senior School
Full and half music pockets are awarded to senior school students based on the level of the ensemble attendance at rehearsals and performances. Students are eligible for Strings, Bands or Choir pockets if there is evidence of 100% participation in performances and at least 90% attendance at rehearsals. Excused absences, such as illness and school camps, are not penalised from an attendance record.

Rehearsal Schedule

Events Calendar

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Technovation 2018 Season Launch Party
Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year we invite girls to identify a problem in their community, and then challenge them to solve it. Girls work in teams to build both a mobile app and a business plan to launch that app, supported by mentors and guided by an extensive curriculum.


Technovation's curriculum takes students through 4 stages of launching a mobile app startup, inspired by the principles of design thinking:
Identify a problem in the community
Develop a mobile app solution
Build a business plan to launch the app
Bring the business to market

The competition culminates in a Global Pitch event held in Silicon Valley, US every August. St Aidan’s is the only school in Australia that has been invited to this event for the last two years in a row.

Girls who are currently in Years 5-11 are invited to the official St Aidan’s Technovation 2018 Season Launch Party. Come along and find out more about this incredible competition. Here from past participants and their experiences in Silicon Valley. Learn to make your first mobile app. There will also be food, giveaways and special guests.

To get your free ticket, you must register here.

Tim Kemp



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ICAS Maths Competition

ICAS Mathematics (International Competitions and Assessment for Schools) was held on 15th August. Participation and Merit certificates have been handed out in class, and Credit certificates have been awarded at Year Level Assemblies. Distinctions and High Distinction certificates will be awarded at a whole school Assembly in the coming weeks.

The report that accompanies the certificate outlines how your daughter went in each question and their performance relative to Australia. Your daughter's paper report includes a ten-digit ICAS ID number (known as the TAP ID) and four digit PIN number (both found towards the bottom of the report), which can be used to access results online. The advantage of accessing results online is that individual questions can be viewed in a more interactive way. The online facility also produces interesting reports regarding the performance of your daughter, combined with longitudinal data if they have been part of ICAS testing for Mathematics or other subject areas previously. The comparative reports use data from all participating students across Australia but please remember that, unlike St Aidan’s, many schools have only their highest performing students compete. We strongly encourage parents and their daughters to access their test results online, review the actual questions and her responses in order to improve in the future. The ICAS papers are fantastic numeracy practice and the skills are important for every day numeracy and for the NAPLAN and QCS tests. 
To do this, simply visit the website At the top right of the home page, click on 'student portal'. Then enter your daughter's ten-digit ID number and four-digit PIN number. Access is then granted to the online portal. The portal will show all your daughter's ICAS results, across all subjects and years.
The number of awards and the success rate on each problem reflects our focus on numeracy and differentiation for all students. All students in Years 6 to 9 competed and any students who nominated from Year 10 to 12. 
Students receiving a High Distinction certificate scored in the top 1% of participants in Queensland, Distinctions are awarded to the next 10% and Credits for the next 25%. A full list of High Distinction, Distinction and Credit award winners is listed here in order of achievement. We congratulate all these students on their achievements.



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Junior Jottings

mrs Louise Mcguire

‘Fun Palace’ Fun
Art and Music Evening
Grande Concert
ICAS Mathematics Competition
Penguin Aid World Vision Lolly Stall – Thursday 19 October 
Super Hero Disco – Friday 20 October
Andrews Cup Softball – 23 October
Free Dress Day – 27 October – Red Theme
St Aidan’s Cookbook Launch – Friday 3 November
Melbourne Cup Lunch – Tuesday 7 November
Junior School - Outdoor Film Night – Saturday 18 November
Important Dates


‘Fun Palace’ Fun
St Aidan’s Junior students shone at SLQ Fun Palace on Saturday 7 October. The girls shared their knowledge and interest in creating ‘banana pianos’ with Makey Makey kits and circuits with Squishy Dough. Plenty of children and adults experienced using a Makey Makey kit to replace the computer keyboard to play a virtual piano and to play ‘bongo drums’ with marshmallows! Andrew King, author of ‘Engibear’ series, engineer and teacher, performed with one of our students. Using Squishy Dough, both conductive dough and insulating dough, children created circuits to light up LEDs. An electrical engineer had fun with her children making a series to brighten up the table. 
Our girls interacted confidently and expertly with their audience. Thank you, Amy Wake, Ellen Walker, Lillian Walker, Thea Woolley  and Zahra Fraser, for spending Saturday engaging with other keen ‘Makers’ and STEMies.

Fun palace 1 

Fun Palace 2

Fun palace 3

Fun palace 4

Art and Music Evening
The Christine Hartland Centre was again transformed this year with creative displays of art work. I am constantly amazed by the abilities of the students and the staff.  This art work was produced under the guidance of many talented teachers – Jann Manser, Emma Schafer, Caitlin Clarke, Kylie Black, and Deb Koh. Thank you also to the many support staff who were instrumental in the quality of the displays.
Congratulations must also be extended to the girls who thoroughly entertained the audience with their voices and instruments under the direction of Carla Trott, Adrian Moran, Sue Figliano, Antoni Bonetti and Matt Hesse. Thank you also to Krissy Teng for her harp performance. 
All in all, it was a wonderful evening - a great display of Junior School talent (student and staff). A special thanks to Jann Manser for co-ordinating this event. Also, thanks to Lyn Raven for her support (with lots of things); the dedicated parents for their help with a variety of tasks throughout the day and evening; Matt Duncan for his assistance with the technology; and the maintenance team for setting up. 
Finally, thank you to Annabelle Hammonds and Samara Herath, the Year 6 Music Leaders for the outstanding job they did as MCs for the evening.

Grande Concert
I take this opportunity to congratulate the Junior School girls who performed so confidently alongside the Secondary School students at the Grande Concert on Sunday afternoon. It really was a wonderful afternoon showcasing the school’s fantastic music program. 
Thanks must be extended to – James Cuskelly, Carla Trott, Adrian Moran, Sue Figliano, Antoni Bonetti for their contributions to the Junior School music program.

ICAS Mathematics Competition
Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a Merit, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction for this year’s ICAS Mathematics Competition. Certificates will be handed out in the coming weeks. Please bear in mind that this competition was not compulsory and only a small percentage of our girls in Years 2-6 were involved. 

Merit – Year 3 Sienna Mahoney Year 4 Charlotte Herron Year 5 Stella Cuolahan, Hannah Doncon Year 6 Jemima Bennett, Lucy Bristow, Annabelle Hammonds, Katya Hirst

Credit – Year 2 Ruby Freidin, Inez Hancock, Kiralee Neale, Harriet Pillans, Olivia Rogers Year 3 Georgia Boyne, Unity Maxwell, Ava Robinson, Nhi Tran, Scarlett Pedri, Stephanie Pettigrew Year 4 Jinani Ariyarathne, Olivia Banh, Emma Dart, Madeline McGraw, Poppy Morrison, Adrita Saha, Grace Scroggie Year 5 Louisa Atkin, Felicity Horrocks, Laura McGlennon Year 6 Amy Guo, Kiara Jayasuriya, Charli McGaw, Meg Tait

Distinction – Year 2 Porsha Cassimatis, Sophie Colston, Olivia Dunn, Seoirsin Greer, Eloise McLellan, Tia Perry, Bria Saayman, Gemma Webby Year 3 Remy Hancock, Kailyn Jayasuriya Year 4 Isabelle Dunn, Regan Saayman Year 6 Georgia Feros, Ariana McCulloch, Cora Masterson, Nashonie Paul, Lauren Whitla, Thea Woolley

High Distinction – Year 2 Jennifer Atkin, Holly Nguyen, Sydelle Zhang Year 3 Sophia Evenden Year 5 Amelia Perry

Penguin Aid World Vision Lolly Stall – Thursday 19 October 
This Thursday 19 October, Penguin Aid students will be raising money to help our Phonxay Community Sponsorship, Laos. This is a mountainous rural area about 60km from the provincial capital. The climate is sub-tropical and about 33,000 people live there. Most families grow rice but lack of cropland, environmental damage and pests makes it hard to produce enough food. Dirty water and poor sanitation and hygiene help spread illnesses like diarrhoea and respiratory infections; however, due to isolation and superstition, many families don’t seek healthcare. There aren’t enough schools or trained teachers and many children, especially girls, work in the fields and households instead of attending classes. 
Funds raised from this stall will be gratefully received by members of this community.
The students will be selling – 
Lolly bags $2.00, 
Small lolly bags $1.00   
Popcorn $1.00 
Jelly cups $1.00
Gluten free lolly bags and popcorn will be available and sold separately.
Popcorn 1   Lollies 1

Super Hero Disco – Friday 20 October
This year’s Super Hero Disco (for Junior School students K-6 and the ‘special male hero’ in their life) is being held on Friday 20 October. This is a wonderful Junior School event with lots of excitement around costume planning and rehearsal of dance moves! The evening commences at 6pm.

Free Dress Day – Day for Daniel Friday 27 October 2017 
On Friday 27 October, students are asked to support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation by wearing red and donating a gold coin. ‘Day for Daniel’ is Australia’s largest day for child safety awareness and education day.
The Daniel Morcombe Foundation's key role in the community is the education of all children about their personal safety. By directly assisting educators and parents through the funding and development of child safety educational resources as well as assisting young victims of crime, the Foundation continues to empower all Australians to make their local communities safer places for all children. The Foundation is strongly committed to the development and education of Respectful Relationships for children and teenagers in our schools and communities.
Students must wear enclosed shoes and abide by sun safety rules. Girls in Years 4-6 who are involved in Interschool Sport (Friday Sport) must remember to bring their Browns and sports shoes. All students must remember to bring a hat.
Daniel Morcombe image

Andrews Cup Softball – Monday 23 October
We wish all of the Years 4, 5 and 6 girls involved in Andrews Cup Softball at Downey Park next Monday 23 October all the very best of luck. I know that the girls will do their best and the St Aidan’s team spirit and determination will be in full force throughout the day. 

St Aidan’s Cookbook Launch – Friday 3 November (New Date and Venue)
You are invited to join us for the St Aidan’s Cookbook Launch with a champagne high tea in the newly opened Link.
10am Friday 3 November
$70 per person (includes glass of champagne on arrival and a cookbook RRP $50)
Tickets are available for purchase on Flexischools until Wednesday 1 November

Melbourne Cup Luncheon – Tuesday 7 November
This year, the Melbourne Cup luncheon will be held at the Indooroopilly Golf Club. Tickets are on sale (Flexischools) $110 per person. For more information see the P&F section of the newsletter. Start organising your table now so you don’t miss out!

film night

 Please click here for Important Dates - Term 4 2017

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Junior Sport

Click on Read More for all Junior School sport news, training schedules and upcoming events.

Week 3 Sport Schedule

Andrews Cup Gymnastics
The Andrews Cup Gymnastics teams are working extremely hard with early morning starts.  Trainings will continue Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6am – 7.30am at Western District Gymnastic, Purtell Park, (entry via Carwoola Street), Bardon. A full dress rehearsal will be held on Friday 27 October and Tuesday 31 October. Further information of requirements will be advised closer to the date. On the conclusion of each session, a bus will take the girls back to school.  The competition is being held at Somerville House on Thursday 2 November.

West Taylor Bridge Friday Clubs Competition Semester 2 Interschool Sport
The 2017 Walter Taylor Bridge competition continues each Friday. I would encourage all girls to commit to their weekly trainings at Ambiwerra.  On the conclusion of each session, a bus will take the girls back to school.

Girls involved in Interschool Basketball and Softball are expected to attend a training session but if any difficulties exist, please contact Ms Jeanes-Fraser.

As a courtesy to staff and other coaches, please note the starting and finishing times for each session.

Training for all teams for all sports (Basketball and Softball) is located at Ambiwerra. 

Training sessions and coaches have been confirmed for Basketball and Softball teams – please see below.

Softball Training Sessions 
Friday morning 6.45am-7.45am at Ambi
Term 4 training will recommence on Friday 6 October 2017
Girls are reminded to bring their glove and water bottle.
Ms Rowe, Ash Johnson and Hannah King

Basketball Training Sessions 
Friday morning 6.45am-7.45am at Ambi
Term 4 training will recommence on Friday 6 October 2017
Ms Child, Raquel Spies and Ms Jeanes-Fraser

Andrews Cup Softball Teams
The Andrews Cup Softball trainings continue Wednesday morning at Ambiwerra from 6.45am to 8.00am.  Girls should aim to attend as many sessions as possible as the Andrews Cup competition which is to be held at Downey Park, Windsor on Monday 23 October 2017.  Girls are reminded to have arranged their hiring of the school softball pants from the Uniform Shop at the cost of $27, which includes a refund of $20 upon the return of the pants and the long, navy St Aidan’s socks (which must cover all of the lower part of the leg).  On the conclusion of each session, a bus will take the girls back to school.

Swimming Squad Training (Target Andrew 2018)
Preparation for the 2018 swimming competition season is commencing on Wednesday 4 October at the school’s pool. 

Squad trainings are based around preparing our girls for the competitive swimming season in 2018 (Andrews Cup, District and Interschool).  Girls are required to have a certain level of swimming ability as a prerequisite for involvement (please see below). Training sessions aim to provide our girls technical correction, with a focus on race preparation and endurance.
Sessions are available to girls in Years 1 – 6.
Girls attending trainings from Year 3 - Year 6 should be confident in swimming 25 – 50m repeatedly in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and they must also be able to perform a dolphin kick. 
Girls attending trainings from Year 1 and Year 2 must be comfortable in swimming 25 m repeatedly in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.
Girls must sign-in the St Aidan’s swimming attendance book at the pool for every session that they attend.
The Junior School is offering four afternoon squad sessions at the school pool for the commencement of the term.



Other Details

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs afternoons

At School Pool

Year 1 - Year 3

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Year 4-Year 6


swimming cap, goggles and water bottle required.


2018 Beyond Athletics
The 2018 Beyond Athletics continues this week on Wednesday 18 October at Ambiwerra from 3.45-5.00pm for girls selected.  The programs final Ambiwerra session will be held on Wednesday 22 November with the optional session to be held 2 December 2017 at the Sherwood Arboretum.  With the weather being so hot, girls are reminded to bring their water bottles, sunscreen and wear their sports cap.  On the conclusion of the school day, students have the option of being transported to Ambiwerra via the school bus.  Parents are to collect their girls at the end of the session at Ambiwerra
As a courtesy to staff and other coaches, please note the finishing times for each session.

Basketball Invitation Tournament for Schools within the Andrews Cup Association
MBC Invitational Basketball
St Aidan’s Junior School has nominated to compete in the MBC Invitations Basketball competition at the Hibiscus Sports Centre Carina, 90 Klumpp Rd Upper Mt Gravatt on Thursday 2 November 2017.  The games will be an all-day carnival held against some of the schools that are involved in the Andrews Cup competition.  Teams will be announced at the end of the week with paperwork handed out to selected girls.  Trainings are held on Tuesday 24 and 31 October at Ambiwerra from 6.45-7.45am October at the Ambiwerra Basketball courts from 6.45-7.45am.  A school bus will be provided to take students to the venue.

Andrews Cup and Interschool Sport Photos
With the Semester One sports concluded, I am looking at collating photos from as many Junior School sporting events as possible. If Sporting Captains or parents have any photos, can they please pass them on via usb or email (

2017 Key Dates

18 October 2017

  • Interhouse Ball Games

23 October 2017

  • Andrews Cup Softball – Downey Park, Windsor

2 November 2017

  • Andrews Cup Gymnastics – Somerville House

2 November 2017

  • MBC Invitational Basketball

22 November 2017

  • 2018 Beyond Athletics Concludes Ambiwerra

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Junior Music

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Junior School Art and Music Show
Congratulations to all the girls for their polished performances at the Art and Music Show last Wednesday. The quality of the performances clearly indicates the dedication of the music students and their teachers. Thanks also goes to the music captains Samara and Annabelle for their excellent commentary and to the members of the Music Support Group for their work organising afternoon tea and the raffles. 

Beginner Programs in Instrumental Music
The students in Years 3 and 4 are thoroughly enjoying their Beginner Band instrumental lessons. These lessons will continue to operate on a once-a-week basis throughout the semester. For the Year 4 classes, session times will alternate between the Junior School Assembly (Monday) and the Senior School Assembly (Tuesday). Here is a table outlining the planned rotation for the Year 4 Beginner Band Program:



Week Four

Mon 23 Oct

Week Five

Tues 31 Oct

Week Six

Mon 6 Nov

Week Seven

Tues 14 Nov

Week Eight

Mon 20 Nov

For the Year 3 class, session times will be held each Tuesday after lunch from 2:00 – 2:40pm. 
Students are required to bring their instrument and music to each session.
If you have questions, please contact Sue Figliano , James Cuskelly or Carla Trott .

Student Commitment 
In order to maintain and improve the high standards achieved by our ensembles and choirs, it is expected that students punctually attend all rehearsals and concerts. Just like a sporting team, a commitment by students to attend all rehearsals and performances is imperative. In the case of illness, absences from school or attendance at a camp or school excursion, parents are required to notify the School or the teacher in writing. It is important that this is done, both as a courtesy and to assist teachers in the delegation of “pockets” or “badges” later in the year. 

Badges in the Junior School 
Students in the Junior School are awarded a Bronze (one ensemble), Silver (two ensembles) and Gold (three ensembles) badge based on their involvement in some extra-curricular musical groups. Students who attend all performances and 90% of rehearsals for one year are eligible for a badge if they participate in the following ensembles:

Wind Ensemble
Junior Band
Children Crossing 
Vivaldi Strings
Dolce Strings
Beginner Strings

Music Support Group AGM
The Music Support Group will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Monday 6th of November at 7pm. The Music Support Group provide valuable assistance to the music department through fund raising and support of music functions throughout the year. Parents who would like to be involved in the MSG for 2018 would be warmly welcomed at this meeting.

Rehearsal Schedule

Events Calendar


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Join us at the Annual Melbourne Cup Lunch this year - read more here.

We will be celebrating the launch of the much anticipated cookbook with a champagne high tea in The Link - click here for more information.

Stationery Lists
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
A copy of  Stationery list  for 2018 have now been sent home with the girls.
These will need to be completed by Sunday 5th November.
A copy of the lists can also be found on our website

P & F Meeting
The final P & F meeting for the year will be held on Wednesday 25 October at 6.30pm in the auditorium. All are invited to attend.