Volunteering at St Aidan's


Volunteering at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School acknowledges the important work that volunteers carry out within our school environment. Assistance, whether it is as a volunteer in the classroom, tuckshop, excursions, P&F activities or sporting carnivals, enhances the quality of your child’s teaching and learning experience.

To keep our students safe and comply with student protection and Work Health & Safety legislation, there are some requirements that must be addressed prior to commencing in a volunteering role.

From 31 August 2020, the Queensland Government will make changes to strengthen and streamline the blue card system. The information provided below explains what this means for parents and non-parents volunteering within our school community.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers, except for ‘restricted persons’ (see below), will still be able to volunteer at St Margaret’s without a blue card. 

However, parent volunteers who provide home stay accommodation organised by the school for more than 7 days in a calendar year, will need a blue card.

Under the new changes, any parent who is a ‘restricted person’ will not be able to volunteer within the school in any capacity. A ‘restricted person’ is a person who either:

  • has been issued a negative notice

  • has a suspended blue card

  • is a disqualified person

  • has been charged with a disqualifying offence that has not been finalised. 

Non-parent Volunteers (including grandparents)

Non-parent volunteers will be able to volunteer at the school, for 7 days or less in a calendar year, without a blue card.

For more information about these changes to Queensland’s blue card system, visit the Blue Card Services website www.qld.gov.au/bluecardchanges

To obtain a Blue Card, forms can be downloaded from the Blue Card Services website (www.bluecard.qld.gov.au) or by emailing compliance@ssa.qld.edu.au. Please print the appropriate form (Blue Card application), complete Part A and D and make an appointment to see the Administration Assistant – Compliance at St Aidan's for processing. At this appointment, our Administration Assistant - Compliance will sight and take a copy of your identification, compete Parts B, C, E and F and lodge the completed form. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept email or posted copies of identification documents, they must be sighted in person. We are also unable to accept applications on behalf of another family member. Volunteer applications are processed free of charge.

Louise Bender (Deputy Principal): l.bender@staidans.qld.edu.au

Kelly Swan (Head of Junior School)k.swan@staidans.qld.edu.au

If you are no longer volunteering at the School please email compliance@ssa.qld.edu.au and you will be removed from the register.

All volunteers must read the Volunteer Code of Conduct, Engagement Policy and Procedures document: 

Volunteer Code of Conduct, Engagement Policy and Procedures

All volunteers must be registered with the school. This is done by completing the online Volunteer Register. By completing the online register, you are stating that you have read, understood and accept the information provided and that you understand your reporting responsibilities as a volunteer. The school will record your name on the School's Volunteer Register.

All volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Register form before commencing their volunteering engagement. Once you have commenced the form you cannot save or leave the page, it must be completed in its entirety. The questionnaire should only take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You are only required to complete this once per year.

Click here to access the Volunteer Register

Once registered as a volunteer, every time you visit St Aidan’s to work as a volunteer, you must report to either the Junior or Senior Reception to record your name, time of arrival/departure and indicate that you are a registered volunteer within the School.  

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