The study of Mathematics equips students with tools for everyday living as well as being the instrument of investigation, research and innovation at the highest academic levels.

In Years 7-10, units of study have been designed to incorporate the three strands of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum: Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability, and Measurement and Geometry, in a serial but cyclic program which integrates the necessary content and techniques. Thinking mathematically, which involves problem-solving and investigative skills, will be emphasised at every stage. Use of appropriate technology and an awareness of the applications of Mathematics are also integral to the course. Mathematics is compulsory throughout Years 7-10,

In the senior years, students can choose to study General Mathematics, Mathematics Methods and Specialist Mathematics. Students are introduced to professionals who apply mathematics in their careers and are encouraged to consider innovative future pathways that may rely on mathematical understanding. The range of senior subject options allows students to extend to the highest levels of Mathematics, as well as consolidating their application of key mathematical ideas.

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