Personal and Values Education


The three core areas of Personal and Values Education include: 

  • Religious and Values Education

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Academic Skills Building and Career Pathways

Religious and Values Education

Religious and Values Education in years 7-10 is designed to introduce students to the foundational ideas of Christianity, Anglicanism and St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School. It also promotes critical thinking and personal reflection. Topics include the story of Christianity, St Aidan, The Society of the Sacred Advent, Understanding the Bible, Women of Faith, Spirituality and the Environment, World Religions, Sacred Space and Indigenous Spiritualities.

Religious and Values Education in Senior Years continues to promote critical thinking and engagement with the big issues through reflection and in dialogue with Christian spirituality and tradition. Topics include Peace and Nonviolence, Ethics and Philosophy, Sacramentality and the Beatitudes for the 21st Century.

All topics invite the students to engage with the world around them and consider questions of contemporary and timeless significance, while Christian wisdom tradition invites them to consider intentionally their own world views and what forms them.

Social and Emotional Learning

All senior school students have weekly lessons in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). The lessons focus on developmentally appropriate topics and are adapted to respond to the needs of each cohort and their experiences. St Aidan’s approach to Social and Emotional Learning is shaped by our partnership with families and community members, highlighting engagement, trust, and collaboration.

Often SEL skills are organised according to those that are intrapersonal and those that are interpersonal. Intrapersonal skills refer to ways of dealing with oneself, including ones’ thoughts and emotions. These are the awareness, beliefs, and skills directed and applied inwardly. Interpersonal competencies refer to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes directed toward other people, institutions, or social structures.

Our SEL program covers topics such as positive relationships, mindfulness, leadership, decision making with regards to health, sex, alcohol and drug education, and digital footprints and cybersafety.

Academic Skills Building and Pathways Planning

Students in Year 10 participate in pathways planning in Semester One as preparation for the senior secondary curriculum. The planning program includes:

  • Information sessions from universities

  • Information sessions with QTAC

  • Individual aptitude and interest testing and interviews

  • Individual SET planning with the school Guidance Counsellor

  • Careers information sessions

The school Guidance Counsellor and Dean of Studies work with each student to ensure she has the information to make informed decisions about her future studies.

From mid-Year 10 students have weekly lessons dedicated to teaching study skills and approaches to assessment. These lessons are also provided as academic preparation time in the weeks immediately prior to scheduled exam blocks.