Science has revolutionised the way in which human beings perceive the physical universe. Our Science course provides a framework for students to engage in a wide range of active learning experiences to construct new understandings of the world in which they live.

In Years 7-10, units of study have been designed to incorporate the three strands of the Australian Science Curriculum: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour, Science Inquiry Skills. As well as the compulsory Australian Curriculum Science, students can additionally study a range of science-based electives, focused on the specialist strands of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology.

In the senior years, students can choose to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and/or Psychology.

Each of the four senior sciences provide opportunities for students to engage with understandings about the universe and physical, biological and environmental diversity. The science laboratories are equipped for students to conduct observations and experiments, collect and analyse data and bring scepticism and intellectual rigour to investigate scientific claims.

St Aidan’s supports student participation in a number of science-related competitions and opportunities to connect with universities and industry, both in Australia and overseas. These include the Australian Space Design Competition, various STEM camps, and the Australian Science Olympiad.

Physical Education 

Physical Education is central to student wellbeing and personal development. Our Physical Education course combines regular sports and exercise with education about personal and community health.

In Years 7-10, compulsory units of study incorporate the two strands of the Australian Physical Education Curriculum: personal, social and community health, and movement and physical activity. Additionally, students can choose to study a Physical education elective, focused on specific sports and coaching skills; these are often varied based on the interests of the cohort and teaching staff.

In the senior years, students can choose to study the QCAA General subject Physical Education; this course combines practical game play with the study of anatomy, biomechanics, psychology, energy and fitness.

Participation in the wide range of co-curricular sports on offer at St Aidan’s is a beneficial addition for students wishing to study Physical Education in the senior years.