Exit Preparation


Exit Preparation Program (EPP) 

There is a special program for all Year 11 and 12 students, one long lesson a week. 

Details regarding the operation of the tutorial program are outlined to students at the commencement of the year.

EPP for both Year 11 and 12 focuses on preparation for the Queensland Core Skills Test and issues relevant to the needs of Years 11 and 12 students.

Year 12 – Final week program

The aim of this final week program is to give our graduating students information for their transitions to life beyond school.  Guest speakers and workshops address issues such as safe driving, rental accommodation, personal safety, drug education, gender issues and managing personal finances.

Year 10, 11 and 12 specialist programs

Our Years 10 and 11 Conference Program and the Year 12 Final Week Program are designed to give students knowledge and understanding to support positive views of their personal future. As well as supporting subject selection, Student Education Training planning, and career guidance, the conference programs focus on individual protective factors that build resilience, leadership and life skills.

During the last week of the school year, our Year 11 students also attend a special conference to enable them to become cohesive and inspired to lead the School for the following year.

Guidance, careers and tertiary preparation

Work experience

Students 14 years and over can participate in work experience in any holiday period.  Our VET coordinator, Mrs Cherie Vega can assist with this. 

Tertiary entrance

The majority of our students enrol in tertiary study at the end of Year 12. We offer a comprehensive careers advisory service to all students, including both traditional and non-traditional pathways.

TAFE and Open Learning

It is possible for students who have a particular interest in vocational subjects to undertake studies through TAFE, Open Learning or other external providers.

Future Planning

In Year 10 girls complete a comprehensive career assessment and participate in the Aspiring Futures Conference. Bringing together the processes of subject selection and post school planning, this conference prepares girls fro the final stage of schooling and the pathways beyond. They also complete a Student Education Training Plan that is used for future reference and planning.