Leadership Opportunities 

To prepare students to take their place in society, St Aidan’s offers many opportunities for the girls to take on responsible roles. Leadership skills are developed in various ways through Academic and Social/Emotional Learning and Co-curricula Activities at St Aidan’s.

There are many benefits for our students who embrace the challenge of leadership roles. Our leadership program fosters relationships, personal development and the skills necessary to form and maintain teams. Students who are interested in this area are given assistance, mentoring and the opportunity to reflect on their own unique qualities and talents.

Teamwork is fundamental to the workplace of the 21st century, and our students embrace this co-operative learning with enthusiasm. Each Prefect Role in the Senior School co-ordinates a committee of Year 12 students, working together for the benefit of the whole school community.

Leadership Selection

Student leadership is often seen as the domain of the senior year group. We encourage students in each year level to stretch their boundaries and strive to reflect, problem-solve, negotiate, make decisions and motivate others.  Opportunities exist in each Form Class for two captains per semester.  A Student Council representative is elected for the year.

As part of their preparation for senior student leadership roles, Year 11 students are supported by a four-day conference, which aims to accentuate the abilities, skills and personalities of each of our students.  The Dean of Students, Year Coordinator and form teachers examine styles of leadership through Social and Emotional Learning programs. Students nominate for the senior positions (i.e. Prefect, School Captain and Vice Captain, Sacristan, House Captain, and Debating, Music and Sport Captains).

The process continues with a show of support from students in Years 10 to 12, and staff.  Interviews are conducted for the nominees for School Captain, Vice Captain and Sacristan.  The Principal, Year Coordinator and other educational leaders oversee the process, which results in a final list of leaders in these positions.

Interested students also nominate for the position of Sacristan. The Chaplain and Dean of Students interview students to determine who will be called to serve in this capacity.