Sarah Clarke

Sarah was the ABC's national environment and science correspondent, reporting for both ABC Radio and Television. She has travelled extensively around Australia and internationally, reporting on the environment for a number of ABC broadcast programs. Her brief is extensive and covers climate change, space exploration, water issues, drought, and future technologies. 

Sarah has covered the United Nations Climate conference in Copenhagen, an expedition to the Arctic Circle to visit an Inuit village in North/West Alaska, a trip to the Antarctic alongside a team of scientists and ongoing coverage of the state of the Murray Darling Basin. The ABC has also required Sarah to travel to South Korea, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, South Africa, Morocco, and Chile at various stages throughout her career. 

Sarah believes that St Aidan's played a large part in supporting her ambitions. 

"My time at St Aidan's created the inspiration to follow my heart and pursue what I wanted most - a career in broadcast journalism. Being a smaller school, I was afforded many more opportunities to further these dreams."

"At St Aidan's, I was also able to create a circle of friends who have remained close for decades after leaving school. All of them have gone on to be wonderful, happy, inspirational and intelligent women. That foundation was set at school."