St Aidan’s provides a small number of bursaries for prospective and current St Aidan’s families. These bursaries are means-tested and awarded to those in financial need who would otherwise be unable to start or continue their St Aidan’s education.

Born To Fly Bursary

The Born to Fly Bursary is a needs-based bursary for students seeking to enrol at St Aidan's. It is also available to current St Aidan’s families undergoing hardship. All bursaries are means-tested and, unlike scholarships which are solely merit-based, are specifically awarded to candidates in financial need. Any enquiries and applications for bursaries are strictly confidential.

Old Girls' Association Bursary

Supported by the St Aidan’s Old Girls’ Association (OGA), this Bursary provides financial assistance to girls, including the daughters and granddaughters of Old Girls, whose families would experience hardship to attend St Aidan’s.

All recipients are expected to display academic progress commensurate with their ability and to participate in broader aspects of school life.

Selection Criteria

The OGA Bursary is open to girls, including the daughters and granddaughters of Old Girls, seeking new or continued enrolment who demonstrate:

  • a desire to fulfil their academic potential as evidenced by academic reports demonstrating a conscientious and engaged approach to studies
  • a willingness and desire to participate in all facets of school life, including academic, sporting, cultural and service activities
  • active participation in a variety of extracurricular activities
  • good character and a willingness to uphold the values of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent
  • financial need

Any enquiries and applications for bursaries are strictly confidential. 

For further information please email bursaries@staidans.qld.edu.au.